“This is a Special Place” – Catherine Scantlan, BSN, RN, HN-BC


“Treehouse Breezes”

This piece of art was on the wall of a very busy homecare office I worked at. While on the phone trying to staff difficult patients, It was one of my “special places”  to meditate to. At times,  I would imagine a cup of tea, and myself in the painting- sometimes in the hammock, sometimes in the soft wrap on the lounge chair.  I would soon have a feeling of peace and tranquility. I believe this feeling benefited my patients and nurses as well as myself. I bought the print from that company when I left, and it is on my wall now; still bring peace and tranquility at the end of a hard day.  As a Holistic Certified Registered Nurse, now teaching online to RN-BSN students about the values of self care to students for themselves and those they care for, I contacted Eileen Seitz, the artist, for permission to post this print on the classes’ webpage. By using Eileen Seitz’ artwork I want to share the feeling of care and concern for patients to my students.  In conversation with Eileen this is how she conveyed to me what she does- an artist’s version of aesthetic caring if you will using her medium    “With definite intention of placement of colors and line I am manifesting art and when a nurse is there for their patient with intention and direct touch, the creative healing energy will be passed from themselves to their patient.”  

 “The forces of Spirit and health are far greater and more knowing, and many times better… One must merge the spiritual and physical together to create beauty, balance and health (https://cumbrestoltec.com/meds/buy-diazepam/)”  Thank you Eileen, for the healing energy share in your work! Personal communication 2-2-08- Catherine Scantlan, BSN, RN, HN-BC 


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