Eileen Seitz Wool Rug Designs

My unique 100% wool rugs are made in custom sizes hand tufted, and carved. I have 288 different hand dyed yarns to design with.

You may order the designs on my website or I will design a completely new rug for your home, office, boat, casino, restaurant, hotel lobby or other space. Coloration and sizing other than the standard sizes will be quoted to your specifications.


Inspired by your fabrics, wall colors and furniture, I will select colors that work for the size and shape that you want from the wool colored poms below. Once the design is created and you approve, a 19″ square sample the rug will be made. Shipping and insurance will be added to Invoice total. Please contact me for more details. Ph: 305-443-1416 or email .   Please note:  6-8 weeks to make + deliver once I receive your 50% deposit.
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