Dear Valued Readers,

Thank you for coming to my website. I am here to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to post your message. I will respond to your message.

Phone: 305-443-1416
Address: Eileen Seitz Fine Art, Inc.
P.O.Box 331848
Coconut Grove, FL 33233-1848

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  1. I am a Barbadian living in Georgia. My company, Caribbean Sales and Marketing, is ineterested in sales and marketing opportunities, for products such as yours.
    Your website, was drawn to me , by Ms.Bridget Brewster of AmericasMart.
    Please contact me at 678 431 7174 or the above e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Continued success with all your endeavours.
    Kindly visit our website:

  2. Hello Eileen,
    Thank you for inviting me to your new website. Very well done. Alot to see and learn. Beautiful artwork to see and make them a piece of your home. I will send this along for others to enjoy.
    Smiles, Jill

  3. Hello again,
    Just took a really good look at your website – you & Leonardo work well together. A few of my fav’s:
    Butterfly Beach – Framed
    Hello Hibiscus -Wasabi
    Gone for A Book
    Banana Breakfast
    Summer’s Song
    Torch Ginger’s with Lotus
    A Quiet Place for Two

    What can be said – everything is beautiful – you are extremely talented.

  4. Hi Eileen
    What happened to your facebook page? You website is fabulous. Is your Birthday July 3rd ??? When & Where is your next art festival ? Terry xoxoox

  5. Hi Eileen,
    Maria across the street from you told me about you when she found out I graduated from Pratt.
    Please give me a call.
    I live on Mary st.

  6. Eileen-

    I am trying to do some insurance work and was wondering of you have the old digital images of a couple pieces I bought from you. One is a shack in Gaudeloupe (bought 4 plus years ago) and another is women in a spice market (2+ years ago). I seem to have an image of Side by Side which I also own. No rush I just like having a simple digital image for my computer files. Hope all’s well. Thanks! Dan

  7. Hey Eileen, It’s been quite a while since we’ve spoken.I got the email for your updated website – I love it. I see you’ve been very busy with many new things. As always I just get lost in your work. I’m taken off to somewhere peaceful and quite, somewhere I can stop the maddening of the work world and take a moment to breath -thanks so much for that moment:)
    I want to also let you know that within the body of your 3rd paragraph – you have 2 typos – environment and the it looks like you left out the word “be” in the same sentence, (sorry but in my work I’m a stickler for typos – but easily corrected on your end.
    I wish I could get back down to see you again. i still have not framed any of my remaining 9 pieces that I have from you. Maybe soon the framing goddess will shower me with enough $$ and wall space to get it all taken care of. For now I will enjoy the ones I have hanging and continue to visit your site for a quick escape to peace. Thanks, Denise

  8. Hi Eileen,
    Just wanted your email and phone number, I am working on some projects and wanted to stay in touch.

  9. Hi Eileen! I was the woman you spoke to from the Houston area re: taking a picture of the oil on Canvas at M.D. Anderson. My best friend is in remission from Leukemia because of MD Anderson! We are going together in search for your painting but she said it would be helpful if you could furnish an address where you shipped it. “Emergency Room” may be all we need but she was curious because of all the facilities.Thank you Leslie

  10. My order went through and I tried to go back to correct an error in the address line but was unable so…. my address is
    Leslie McCartney
    4206 Park Sands Lane
    Kingwood, TX 77345

    So sorry…I was in a hurry.

  11. Good moring Eileen. I just reviewed your new website. All of the areas of creativity you have evolved are beautiful. You must impact so many people in so many ways with all of the “art” products you now offer. We particularly love the pillows.

    Take care and blessings to you, your family and friends.

  12. Eileen, What a wonderful web site I want to see everything on it! Your art work is so beautiful I think I will have to have something, but have much more looking to do. Thank you so much for sending me the site.

    Hope all is well with you. Glenda

  13. Eileen
    Seem to be floating in vast ocean motionless need some wind or hint of direction( the strange thing is I feel centered but lost at the same time)

    can you point me toward some info

    Congraduations on the union
    Love & Lots of Light

    still drinking lots of water

  14. Great Web site, Eileen …

    Who put it together for you? I tried clicking on the “Easy Website for Artists” logo at the bottom, but could not access any of the info on the page…

    All the best,


    Casey O’Connor

  15. Hi Eileen,
    I have a copy of “Key Lime Limbo” which was given to me by a friend after I admired it. It does not appear to be a poster, but I am curious. It has the number 8 circled, then 2/94 and your name. I cannot tell if the signature is orignal. I am just curious as to whether I have a poster, or a signed and numbered litho. Your response is appreciated. By the way, I love your artwork. It makes me smile to look at it.

  16. Very nice website. Your work is terrific. Just let me know if you ever want to borrow my piece. It has always been in a well positioned location in my house.

  17. Hi Eileen
    You might remember meeting me….you were giving private class to a young man on Lincoln Ave in the grove. You were drawing the Key West house. I showed you my crocheted belts I make. Well had said at the time you teach and I have been fooling with watercolor for a few months and would like to know if you would give me some lessons? I live on Lincoln and would be very interested in learning from you.
    thanks Mary Brunk 305 858 5807 home
    305 299 0072 cell

  18. We found a 29″ X 21″ example of your art, signed and dated 1/91. It looks like “Treehouse Breezes” but we could only find it under the smaller prints in the art cards section of your site. Our question is, did you produce this watercolor as a print? We would like some history on this item please. Thank you, Stephen and Beth Hooper

  19. I have White Picket Fence and Porch Side View. They have a thin burgandy linning, wide off wide matte and light tan frams. I would just like some information on them. When were they painted, what form, and approximate value?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  20. Dear Eileen,
    Dear Eileen,
    I hope you remember me. You stayed at my house in Hawaii (Lanikai) serveral years ago. You gave me many helpful tips about my paintings. I am so glad I found you. It took awhile to remember your name. I went through all of my old files until I found you. You were truly a mentor to me. I am writing to first of all to say “Hello” and I hope you are well. I do not have to ask how your business is going as I can see for myself you are doing fabulous. I hope you do not mind me asking as few questions. I have been painting steadily since I have seen you. I have sold some of my work and also entered some juried shows and was chosen to exhibit some of my pieces. I want to send you some to get your opinion but this E-mail does not have an attachment button. Please send me you Email as I think you might like to see what I have done. I have lots of questions for you like how to take it further and so on. I have no problem doing the painting but when it comes to marketing myself that is where the road block comes in. I am not as computer savy as you are so I have hired my roommate to do the marketing part. She is currently trying to put my work on other sites that sell art. I would like my own website but am so confused on how to do it. It seems everyone I ask has a different answer. I am frustrated and feel as if I have wasted so much time and still do not have hardly anything figured out. Painting is my passion and I would like to be like you amd sell my art for a living. Any advice from you would be helpful. If you are too busy I completely understand. I look to you as a mentor. A lot has happened in Hawaii since you left. I have been throught quite a bit. The mean neighbor in front sued me. It went to court, trial and all. The Judge put a cease and desist order and I had to shut the B and B down. I was devasted. One day I was in business and next out of work. I am now working part time as a paralegal. I truly miss the B and B but I still have guests stay but not as much as before. I wish she would move. Anyway I tried not to let that whole crisis get me down. It did for a while but I got back up and moved on. I need and want to focus on my painting and make a living from it. You did it and did it very well. I admire your skill. If you ever think of coming back here you are always welcome at my home. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Marlene Roth

  21. I have two of your prints (given as a gift, framed and signed) “Macaws Playground” and The Morning Swim. I cannot find any information (inculding here on your site) about “the morning swim”, is there a reason?
    Thank you for your time.

  22. Hello,
    I recently purchase one of your posters at a thrift shop called “Sophia’s Rest”. Could you please tell me what year it was when you painted the original?
    I love your worked. They’re just beautiful.
    Thank you

  23. Eileen:
    I am purchasing two limited edition giclees. One of which I will be hanging in a bright, light green painted room. The other will be framed and donated to a charity for auction (proceeds benefitALS research and patient support). I do not yet know which I will keep and place in the green room (the color is Benjamin Moore’s Apple Froth, #401). My question is in choosing the matting which will complement the painting best and coordinate with the wall color. I would like to highlight the pinks and purples in the painting. I was considering the light pink and lavender mattes. Your suggestions would be most welcome!
    Thank you,

  24. Eileen:

    In my previous message, I may have omitted the names of the giclees I will be purchasing and therefore need to choose mattes for. They are: ‘Heavens Earth’ and ‘Sailboat Beach.’

  25. Hey girlfriend… Marion here, at the office for the new cruise ship terminal in Roatan… I’ve told them about your art… and they want to communicate w/ you. Will email you later this evening…Camilla will give you all the details. xoxo.

    Hello Miss Eileen,

    we are interested in purchasing approx 30 of your paintings or paiting prints to be place in our main office and other areas of the project.
    look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and getting suggestions, quotes, etc. We really liked the watercolor paintings.

    Camilla Polenghi
    Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal
    Roatan, Honduras

  26. Hello Eileen
    Just to let you know I purchased a framed 38″x25″ (probably Poster) called “Rainbow Reef” . It hangs in my den and being a snorkeler I love it. Tried to find it on your web but couldn’t. Probably there are too many of yours to list. My wife and I love your art ( We lived in Jamaica for 5 years

  27. I absolutely love your artwork. I have a quick question for you. My daughter is showing much talent in art. She started at a very young age, and is now 10 years old. Everyone who has seen her work encourages me to have her participate in some kind of art program. I have looked extensively in the area that I live, and have been unable to find one. I noticed you won your first award at age 13. What recommendations would you have, so that I can make sure she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist?

  28. How are you? I was showing my niece the rug you made for us…. I’m so glad it’s still on your site.
    Miss you!!! Sam and I got a cute house in Ormond Beach. Come on up and stay with us !!!!
    Stay in touch !!!
    Love you,
    Patti Ann

  29. I was given a watercolor. I don’t think it’s a print. It has 1994 and your signature on it. It has a little boat with the name SOPHIA on it. I would like to find out more about it. What the title of it is? Maybe you remember it?
    Look forward to hearing from you. Patria

  30. I am excited to report that I found 4″ X 6″ print of Macaw’s Playground as I was digging around the local Goodwill. I was surprised to find such a vibrant, lovely work for only $1.
    When I got home, I decided to google the artist’s name and found your website. It would be fascinating to find out how one of your wonderful pieces found its way into my local store here in Pleasant Hill, CA…..I am excited to own it and just wanted to say “Hi!”

  31. Hi…I was given a matted framed picture signed by you in 1988..I love your use of colors…It does not appear to be an original but I was wondering what its value would be???and if there is more information you could give me about the picture Thanks so much

  32. Yes, it was very nice meeting you too. I am glad you like my website, yours is very nice too. It was my pleasure to help you with your tent. And thank you for passing my info to your good friend. Take care and good luck. Im sure we will cross paths again.

  33. Happy Thanksgiving, Eileen…got your subject email, just want to let you know there was no link to the 2 cards mentioned, and the link for your email address in same is “elleen” instead of “Eileen..”..hope you have a great holiday…do they eat turkey in Florida too?


  34. We love your art work and have a few already. We are trying to find a large litho or poster for framing in our livingroom. It is hard to see the pictures from the little computer prints. We live in Honolulu and were wondering where we can see the largest amount of your work.

    Aloha, Laurie Murphy

  35. Is your Sea Grapes to the Sun still available as a 26″ x 35″ poster (with the title and your name at the bottom)? I bought it in St. Thomas about 20 years ago (gasp), and it has since become very time worn. I love it so much that I want to get another if possible. Is shipping to Canada a problem; maybe you have Canadian dealers. Jane Rodgers

  36. I am interested in buying the oil painting above.

    I live in Miami, FL and wonder if you have anything like it that you may have for display at the Coconut Gove Art Festival for sale?

  37. Hi Eileen,
    Do you have a contact email or phone number for the promoter of the Locals Art show? I’m in Marathon for the season and can’t seen to track it down.

    Also, I am involved in promoting a Art and Fine Craft Show in Marathon 1/30-1/31 in conjunction with the 1st Annual Florida Keys Traditional Music Festival. If you are interested, I would be happy to send an application.
    Thanks much,

  38. Hello Eileen,

    I’ve just been to Barbados where I saw one of your pictures on the wall in the hotel which I really liked. I’ve just found the same pictue on your website and was enquiring as to how much delivery charge is to the UK.

    Many thanks,

  39. Eileen-we really love your work, we have a couple mini matted prints and saw a large print of yours at the Carambola in St Croix. My queation is, can we order a 16×20 gilcee (sp), of Treehouse Breezes or should we select from the ones you have avaible? (of course not a bad choice either!)
    Thank you and thank you for your love of the islands. We hope to one day live on St Croix.
    Sheri and Ken Christianson

  40. I have seen your posters at El Pollo Tropical, they are beatiful, stunning, full of color. I would like to know if you plan to have an art show in Tampa or near Tampa, Fl

  41. Thanks for calling! I have been anxious to hear from you. Can’t wait to see the watercolors you have done of my house. Hope you are well. Let me know which sketch makes the Delray Affair poster.

  42. I found a painting titled Riviera Escapade II. It has your name on the matte but neither that nor the “signature” on the print itself looks like the way you signed this website. Did you ever paint something titled Riviera Escapade II?

  43. Hi, Eileen! My husband and I just returned from our first visit to Grand Cayman. We saw your prints in one of the shops, and would love one for our Daytona condo. Which ones are best representative of Grand Cayman? I saw in your bio that you had a show there. I love your paintings of the houses, especially “The Mango House” and “Pink House on 2nd St.” Thanks!

  44. Hi Eileen,
    Jeff and the boys are asleep in the hotel and I thought I’d log on to the hotel computer and look at your site. You have so many beautiful things that I am so confused! I read your Bio. and I am impressed! Also, we love New York! When things settle down a bit I would love to show Jeff your art and see if we want to choose one of your paintings, prints, etc… for our kitchen wall where we spend most of our time…eating and entertaining:)
    I hope the show was a success for you and Uta!
    XO Missey

  45. I discovered your web site a couple years ago while searching for a rug with a hibiscus design. Ever since, whenever I need color and relief from midwest weather, I visit your site. Some day soon I hope to order my own hibiscus rug – I just have to wait for the perfect room to be built! Thank you for the beauty and happiness you bring me.
    Sincerely, Bobbye Hanks Carthage, Illinois

  46. Hi Eileen,
    I really love your work, I received a piece
    titled “The market place” 88? would you please let me know the location and what inspired you to do this piece.

  47. my daughter was given this picture and when she saw how much i loved it she ended up giving it to me as a christmas gift.

    I believe it is a print. it is about 24×16, framed, signed and numbered. can you tell me more about it. i tried to look it up but could only find info on the card size. i noticed there were several different types of prints.

    i am also wondering when it was painted and what was your inspiration. I love the keys and visit family in key west every chance i can. this picture is going in my new bedroom that is being decorated w/the beach feel even though the rest of my home has very warm tones and looks more like a country cottage w/a hunters flare.

    i look forward to hearing from you. thank you so much.

  48. Hi Eileen —have been a past customer of several of your prints —absolutely love your work!
    Have been looking to replace pillow covers form several in my couch — would you be able to sell just the pillow covers? insert i have are in great shapw and would not need to purchase any more.
    aslo, love your original chilling by the sea –i did not see you offer a matted/framed version –would this be available? would you be able to provide the good quality glass that prevents fading, etc..? or is my best bet to get it framed locally?

    Look forward to your feedback,. have a wonderful day. Vangie

  49. Hi Eileen, Just touching base with you. Jean and I are not going to be home in Michigan March 12th through the 18th and April 16th through the 25th. Wanted to let you know so that nothing gets shipped when we will not be here, (I want be home when our treasure gets here). Maybe we can touch base by phone or email whenever you’re ready to send it to us.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Thank you for everything.


  50. A Michael’s framing department tore a corner off the giclee we purchased on Valentines Day. The store says they contacted you but I wanted to make sure they replace it with a similar print. We own #16 of Sailboat Beach. We drove down from Sarasota to meet you at Coconut Grove and we appreciate the time you spent with us. Ken and Diana Weinstein

  51. Hi Eileen, it has been a long time. I am very few times in Tobago, but I still have the Cotton House. By now we have sold out most of your prints and I do not ahve any cards and I realy need to reorder. I am ready but can not find some prints. Last tiem I ordered a print call: Saturday market? I had ordered 3 different prints. Very beautiful and I do not know wher to find them on your website. Please advise as soon as you have time
    Have a nice weekend

  52. Please send the following
    under water majesty 4
    Summer song 6
    Under the golden coconut tree 6
    Sophias rest 6
    Shalama 4
    Sat. after market 4
    Cool bananas bay 6 ALL POSTERS
    Cards 20 each
    Beached till the morning
    Dancers on the reef
    Hello Hibiscus
    Lazy days = please send 40
    summer song
    mango house
    under the golden coconuts
    yellow door store
    Thanks. Please e-mail me asap the cost and the shipping cost as well. have a nice day

  53. Hi Eileen,I am wondering if you can help: my printer did some very bad Batik prints on envelopes . You gave me a supplier at one time for envelopes. I would like to get that name back. I can not ever have these printed on the quality which re get in Tobago. You are ver lucky to fet everything in the US. The Caribbean is badly stocked.

    Thank you very much
    Bye for now

  54. Through the years my RAINBOW REEF has faded out and now needs to be replaced. It is one of my favorites, but I see it is now longer availible. Ouch! As it is a larger work, replacing it is a little harder than I imagined. Your suggestions would help out a lot…Thanks,,
    Curtis Dupree

  55. Dear Eileen,
    Aloha from Maui…I absolutely am in love with your art..I have one of your paintings that i would love some information about.
    I haven’t been able to find it on any of your website(s)….Does it have a name? Is it watercolor? Is it a print or giclee or original? Was Hawaii your inspiration? It’s signed with 2000 and your autograph. Anything you could tell me about it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time, Much Aloha.
    Truly, Nancy
    PS The reflection of my door is in the pic…sorry.

  56. I came back from Haiti and want to see you at the art show this weekend. I would love to get one of those commemorative posters that you painted for the event.



  57. I love your work, and have butterfly beach. I need to matt and frame it. I need to make it as large as possible as it will hang over a large couch on a tall wall. How big do you think i could make the mat without detracting from the print? Thanks.

  58. Hi Eileen,
    A few years ago I contacted you about the posters we have in our physician practice office in Boynton Beach, Florida. I was fascinated by your art work and contacted you. As a result, you sent me the posters I love. I am excited that you will be at the Delray Affair this weekend and hope we get a chance to meet and talk. I will be there on Sunday April 11th and will look for you.
    I love my poster “Hello Hisbiscus” It is my absolute favorite. You also sent me the poster for Meet Me Downtown in Boca Raton, 2005 as special gift.

    Hope to see you at the Affair.

    June Ettari

  59. Eileen – it’s been years since we last met. I have been living permanently in Freeport, Grand Bahama, since 1984 when Freddie and I brought our boat over. I have a house on the beach and canal and all your paintings are still with me. Sadly Freddie died four years ago after a short problem with his heart and kidneys.
    I have been looking through your site and can’t think why I haven’t contacted you before.
    although I often think of you when people comment on the artwork. I have a local Fla number which rings here 561 208 8274
    Would love to hear from you
    Best wishes Jacqueline

  60. My mothers maiden name, Marguerite Laura Seitz, Her father name was Alex Otto Seitz who list his profession as artist. Brother Hollywood movie producer. My grandfather was born in Budapest Hungary.
    Any connection?
    Some one just gave me one of your water colors, remindes me of Hawaii. That where my grandfathers bother was supose to retire.
    I also saw a painting in Fishermans Hospital.

  61. Good Morning,
    Cane Bay Dive Shop on St Croix,carried your cards quite a few years ago. I would like the contact of the distributor for the Virgin Islands, so that we may carry your cards again.
    Thank you
    Suzanne Rosbach

  62. Dear Eileen,
    Once again I want to say what a pleasure to meet you. I am Beth that you met on Sunday with Meme Ferre. I am very excited at the prospect of having your luscious art in my shop on Big Pine Key. I would like to get started with your Art Cards and continue with the small matted prints in the near future. Also interested in the Meditation CD and Steel Drum Cd if those are available for wholesale. I am off to Jamaica next Thursday for a few weeks but would like to get the art cards ordered now. I have chosen 8 images for now. Do I order through your website?
    Net 30? Credit card? COD? Looking forward to hearing from you soon and proceed with ordering.
    Thanks again.
    Out of the BLue Gallery and Gifts
    29842 Overseas Highway
    Big Pine Key , FL 33043
    305-731-9316 (cell)

  63. Hi Eileen:

    Bought a few Mini Matte at Delray Affair – 2 white & 2 yellow – want to purchase 2 more white and 1 more yellow – but not sure of Lemon Lime or Raffia – looks light yellow to me? Can you advise. Thank you

  64. Hello,
    Do you need me to place the order for Mango House Limited Edition Giclees (Edition Size: 150) Image: 16″ x 24″ / Surface: 19″ x 28″ ($100) online or is the order all set from talking to you on the phone? Please let me know!
    Thank you,
    Krystal DeClerck*

  65. We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.

  66. Dear Eileen,
    I want to thank you for putting your peacocks sculptures and painting on your website for us to see. Although I live in NM, and am not able to see these in person, i appreciate you posting the pictures. They are stunning! Absolutely, beautiful !! A very worthy cause and I pray you get substantial monies for donation to it.
    Thank you again for starting off my day with such beauty!

  67. I have a poster of this and the bottom has “Eileen Seitz – Sophia’s Rest”. I happen to love the poster but then having my name at the bottom is wonderful. Now I expect a baby will be arriving with the same name so I am wondering if this $30 poster on the website is the same one?

  68. Hi Eileen,

    So crazy…I just fell in love with your work! Saw a poster by you in a Tom Thumb Ladies room on our drive back to Cocoa Beach from Key West this afternoon. Loved the poster so much I wrote down your name. Then Googled you and found your website.

    And I think I have now looked at just about every piece of art you have for sale there.

    Turns out what I saw was a “revised” version of the Xcaret poster with all the animals and birds–they cut off the “Xcaret Mexico” words and framed the rest of it, so it was actually really hard to find on your site. I thought about just buying that poster and doing what they did…but…

    …our main home is in Panama (the country) and we are recently back in Cocoa Beach making money for a while.

    Our waterfront-jungle Panama house is in a roadless area near Bocas del Toro. Gorgeous! We are now thinking that we may want to have you paint something around 24″ by 48″ for the little Cocoa Beach condo’s living room, to remind us of Panamna, or maybe even paint a picture of our place in Panama, for the Panama house, just because it is so beautiful. Ever been to the Caribbean side of Panama? Knock your socks off gorgeous!

    Check out our website for photos to see if you could be inspired?

    No, sorry, we are not rich. Just love your work and one idea, would you think about traveling there to paint for a while? We could offer room and board. Then buy a painting you did, something like that?

    Or, we could buy a print you have already done, we like a few, but someting original would be so much more meaningful.

    Just thinking out loud; tired after a long day’s drive, but so inspired by the colors and your talent…I am a teal and coral colors person, and just love your eye.

    Best Regards,
    Sharon and Tracy

  69. I would like to add Miss Bea’s Cove to my order with a Raffia mat at a cost of 13.00. The system would not process the order with any choice of mat.
    Thank You

  70. Hello Ms. Seitz,

    I like your paintings, particularly Sohpia’s Rest. Your website offers a poster for sale, but I was hoping for a better copy.

    Are you planning any future art shows in the South Fla area?


  71. 2 palm trees hammmock and terracotta tile patio beneath hammock…What is the title of this beauty? What year did you paint the original? I love it! Thank you for helping me learn more about it.

  72. Sometimes in life we do things that seem very small, and then they turn out to be very meaningful to a loved one. I took ny friend in her wheelchair to see the peacocks, esp since your art work was there. And she loves your work. And I asked you to see her. You came, and gave her a kiss. And she has been so happy about that gesture. It is her last outing. She had your poster, Lizard Land, had it framed so she can see it from her bed, and feel that she is there.And she loves it. Thank you for your kindness to my beloved friend.

  73. Hi Eileen! Please change the matt color from wasabi to clearwater on the xcaret print. The color of the matt on the summer song print I want to keep the same. Thank you…..Mark

  74. Hi Eileen! Please combine my 2 orders. Also, please ensure the matt on the Summer Song print is the same as is pictured on the computer. It says it’s wild orchid but there is no wild orchid listed as an option. Whatever color it is (sky blue perhaps) on the computer is the one I want. Thanks again….Mark

  75. Eileen,
    I have purchased some of your artwork this year, both at the Deerfield Art Show & at the Delray Beach Art Show. Except for the poster at Delray Beach, all of my purchases have been either cards or 4×6″ matted prints. I am hoping to add the painting entitled “Lavender House” to my collection, preferably in the 4×6 matted format. I would love to find it matted in yellow. When is your next appearance in an art show in southeastern Florida? Or, is it possible to obtain that print online? Please let me know. Thank you very much! Susan H.

  76. I have a 1992 painting of parrots and Macaws with tropical sea as viewed from flowered jungle. I was wodering what is the name of this piece? I am glad you are an artist and are giving such beauty to people like me. I bought this painting at a yard sale in Englewood Florida and had the damage to the picture restored by another artist. I love, love this painting.

  77. I have 3 prints by you in our home and love them. We can’t afford the original watercolors, however. I really like the one titled “The Sky Above” and the the size or the original is just right for a place we are looking for a picture for. Is the print only available in the smaller size as opposed to the original size of about 22″ by about 30″?

  78. While shopping I came across a watercolor signed by Eileen Seitz in 1990, not knowing who you were I began my search. I was very impressed by your artwork. I would like to know a little more about Rainbow Reef and how you came to paint it. I feel very honored to have your painting over my sofa, as I live in Florida and it’s just perfect. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
    Jody Sledjeski
    Englewood, Florida

  79. Hi
    I pruchased a signed, numbered print of yours in 1991 while visiting the island of Saint Kitts. The name of it is “Living Lotus Waters” and after about ten years of being displayed in my home the greens especially, faded and or became altered to a bluish hue. It has been a disappointment to see this happen to such a lovely print that we had custom matted and framed. We also have a print of “Dinghy Bay” purchased in 1994 in Saint Lucia that has been displayed in similar conditions. The colors of this print remain true and vibrant. I am interested, mostly in what your thoughts are regarding this situation. Regards, Jim Ridder

  80. hi,
    my name is charles and i have obtained some of your beautiful art work through a gentle man. I was just curious about prices on them. Dont know if you have the time to contact me but cant seem to get any answers. They are hung on my wall and my wife loves them so its just for personal resons to find out price.
    thank you

  81. I saw your beautiful artwork at the Deerfield Beach festival. I was interested in ordering large poster prints of some of your work. Are there other poster prints avaiable besides what is on the website? Thank you! My husband and I absoulutely love your work

  82. I have several of your Paintings from the 1980
    I would like to sell them as I’m 83 yr. old an none of my family is interested in them. and you tell me who could apraise them.
    Thank you,

  83. Do you wish you could increase your online leads? We have helped a lot of businesses thrive in this market and we can help you! Simply hit reply and I’ll share with you the cost and the benefits.

  84. Dear Eileen,
    I saw your watercolour painting posters in our appartment during our holidays in Aruba. It gave the appartment the ultimate tropical touch. I love the many different colours that you use, the liveliness and balance in your paintings. So I thought I’d compliment you on this. I paint myself and I got very inspired by you. Thanks.

  85. Hi Eileen,I love your work! Imagine my excitement when at an estate sale I found one of your pieces. I just had to make it mine!What can you tell me about it? The image size is 21 1/2 by 29 1/2 and the piece is signed.There’s a copyright and the numbers 1/91? Anxiously awaiting your response,M…

  86. suesie new # is 1 561 908 1500 i spoke to her and she will be expecting your call
    hope all is well
    I am at work so its hard to talk on the phone

  87. Hi Eileen!
    I miss you! I’m in the last episode of season 4 of Burn Notice, yes another brutal season!
    We need some tropical art for a Hotel scene for tomorrow. Any chance you sould sell me a couple of posters?
    It would be a good chance to see you. Maybe we can catch up now that this is almost over for a while!

  88. just wrote an email to Martha dePoo to see if she had wedding invitations and she wrote back that she did not but that maybe you did. My son is getting married in Islamorada next April and it will be a small family wedding and they are thinking for the wedding invitation somethig with a simple stilt home o Key home. Do you have wedding invitations???? Thanks So much, Michele Fernandez

  89. Is it possible to get this poster in a different size? I have a frame, matting for an opening 36 x 28 and would love to be able to use it to frame the “Up Close Traveler Palm” – a beautiful picture! Sandy

  90. We recently stayed at the St James’s Club in Antigua and there was one of you pictures in our room it was not Underwater majesty but another one please would you be able to advise what one it was as I have viewed your web site and am unable to see it

    kind regards

    Steve Catlin

  91. Hi Eileen,
    I purchased a watercolor painting of yours at an estate sale and I was wondering if you could tell me how much to insure it for. My aunt is a well-known watercolor artist, so I appreciate beautiful watercolor paintings. It is framed and matted and measures ~22″x26″ and is hand signed and numbered by you, 246/450. If you could let me know it’s age, that would be great too! Thank you! :-)Christine

  92. Hi Eileen
    listening to the Bob Marley Babylon by bus album
    you came to my mind – and on this way im sending you immediamente love from the andlucian cost, where I live since 10 years ( on the 28th of November). Good spirits and lots of fun. Let the sun shine in your heart.
    un abrazo

  93. We strongly believe that we have an excellent opportunity to increase the number of visitors to your website through our white-hat SEO services. Please simply reply to this message and we will be delighted to send you further information.

  94. I have a Sunfest poster from 94 that I love that got ruined. I was wondering if there was any way to get another one. It was of a living room overlooking flagler drive. Lots of beautiful brightly colored chairs. You have November 20-21 as a show date but nothing listed. Are you somewhere this coming weekend and/or when are you near Boca or Delray again? Love your work. Lisa kelly

  95. i have a painting called sunny day on the bottom it has what looks like a circle with the letter c inside then 87. would like to know somthing about it. it’s great. thank you

  96. Hi Eileen, We meet at Coconut Grove last year.
    I was doing the face painting. I will like to know where to get a tent with the round top. I am going to start doing outdoor shows and I need something light to carry and easy assembly. I will like your opinion on what to I buy.
    Thank you so much.
    I was doing the face painting.
    Judith Acosta.

  97. Hi Eileen!!

    My name is Valerie Cano and I reside in both Miami, FL as well as Cudjoe Key, FL. Since I was 2 months old I have spent all my summers in my house on John Avery Lane in Cudjoe. I live in Miami in the winter because I am a full time student at Florida International University and I really want to take part in the locals art festival. I sell my handmade jewelry and hair accessories and i would love to participate in your festival. Please let me know. Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me at 305-970-0590.

    Valerie Cano

  98. Ms. Seitz,

    In 1990, my husband and I purchased 2 original 3 x6, framed watercolors of yours, “Coastal Garden” and “Rainbow Creek”. They are lovely!

    I am trying to place a value on them in today’s market. Would you be willing to give me a general price for each. I can send you images if that will help you.

    Thanks in advance,

    Deb Otto

  99. Dear Eileen,
    We received our giclees yesterday and what a surprise to have a gift included. Thank you somuch. We really enjoyed meeting you and know we will enjoy our prints. Thank you again.

  100. You have gorgeous artwork. We first saw it in Hawaii in November…in the condo we stayed at.

    We are going to order one of your area rugs..also interested in your piece Heaven’s Earth. We need a size bigger than the 11 x 15, but smaller than 22 x 30. Do you have a size in between those?

    Thank you for your time. You are an amazing arist with such wonderful details and colors.

  101. Hi Eileen my name is Wendy you called my house Sunday to speak to Todd, I am assuming it is regarding art work from you, (you would not tell me remember) well I just found your call back #, It is to late in the evening to call you, I hope you get this in time. PLEASE do not send any art work at this time, not only do Todd and I have very different choices, I am having the inside repainted, which he does not know about, now I am forced to tell, and I do not know what will look good with this new colour scheme. SO PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING at this time.. Thank you Wendy McNeill.

  102. I have long been an admirer of your work! I have a small framed print of “Pink and Blue Sunset” that I’ve had and loved for years, and a large framed print of “Barefoot in the Garden.” We’ve recently moved to cold and snowy Minnesota, and I was hoping I would be able to find a flamingo print I saw on your website quite some time ago. Is it still available?


    Mary Mitchell

  103. I came across 2 of your pictures and have them hanging in my house. I didn’t realize you were so famous until I saw one of your pictures in a consignment store I’m just wondering if you could give me a little history on the ones that I have. My favourite is appro. 22″ x 29″ wicker chair with slippers on a deck. (on the back it says Barefoot in the garden 4)Maybe it was hanging in a motel because it says hang over parsons table. You signed it with 2/95. The other one is approx. 19″ x 26″ and shows a glimpse of the purple wicker chair. On the back it says Up closed travelers Palm 4 and is signed by you with 94 beside your name. (it says place over double bed) If you can remember anything about these pictures and estimate what they might be worth (not that I would part with them) I would really appreciate it. Thanks Susan

  104. We are interested in the above framed poster. However, could it be matted with pale blue/darker blue inset, rather than the green? (Sorry, sometimes we need to match decor) We are in Delray Beach, so we would be able to come pick it up, since I think you are located nearby. Also would the price still be $295 since we are requesting a change? Thank you for your response.

  105. Eileen: i hope things are well. I am sorry but it was probably early last year when I last visited your website. I like what you are doing. Jigsaw puzzle. Very nice idea. The tunic is very good looking. Maybe we will bump into each other in 2011. It has been too long. Warm regards, Cary

  106. HI .. I did order your coral reef puzzle this morning and was informed I would receive an email to confirm. I did not yet receive an email confirmation… just checking to be certain the order went through… my puzzle table is ready to go… thankyou… elizabeth Gentile

  107. I placed an order for your coral reef puzzle one week ago over the internet (Feb. 1st). I gave all the necessary payment info. Just checking to insure the order went through.. also, I want to say thankyou. I place orders for the beautiful art cards you create and you always include a surprise bonus with my order.I was the art assistant for the famed naturalist and artist Roger Tory Peterson,in old lyme ct. for 18 years. I have many of his paint brushes that I was lucky to inherit when his studio was sold. I would like to send you a few if indeed you would like them. I have given many away .. especially to artists I meet or young children who enjoy art.. thankyou. elizabeth gentile

  108. Hi Eileen,
    I recently bought a picture of a watercolor, probably a copy but am not sure at a thrift store. Anyway I think it is the Dockside Market but it says on your site it was done in 1986 but on the picture it is signed 87. I looked for a picture in your archives but there was none. The picture was matted with a big border of plumlike magenta and a thin boarder of turquoise in a brown frame that was sealed on the back.

    The colors on the picture are very bright and colorful showing an open marketplace on a dock with a bridge and boats in the background. There are vendors selling fruit, veggies and crabs in a cage under colorful umbrellas. I just loved it when I saw it. I’m from Hawaii so at first I thought the people were islanders but noticed the headscarves on the people so I think they are from the Caribbean. Does that discription fit Dockside Market?

    Just wanted to say that if it is your work I feel like I found a treasure and enjoy your work.


  109. New to South Florida and just discovered your website this evening. The beauty of your work is surpassed only by your own and that is saying alot. I love your work, the gfabrics, tiles, peaacock, paintings, etc. etc. Just gorgeous!

  110. Hey Eileen, I spoke to you at the Grove art show on Sunday 2.20.2011 about the painting I purchased at the Miami show.It was 2.8.1987. The name of the piece is “Country Walk”. Thanks so much for many years of enjoyment. I still love it!
    Linda Brattelli

  111. Just returned from a short cruise on Royal Caribbean and purchased two of your framed, numbered and signed prints. Can’t wait to actaully recieve them (6 -8 weeks). Your website gave me a quick reminder.
    Bill & Alison Beard
    Orlando fl

  112. Dear Eileen,Lived in Pennsylvania all my life and moved to Florida in Sept. Fell in love with your art and acquired a print with the above info.It hangs in my living room for everyone to admire. What can you tell me about this print. I am looking forward to meeting you if you have a show in Florida.Thank you .Joanne

  113. Is the table cloth shown a non-rayon fiber? If it is rayon, how does it stand up to spills when washed in cold water and woolite type cleaner? I so enjoy the pillows and fabrics I have purchased. I am thinking of using two fabrics for a table cloth and curtains to go with the pink house on stilts in my dining room. Thanks for making each and every day a “KEYS” day in my villa. See you in April at Delray Festival. Dianne Fried

  114. Dear Eileen,

    I have a 19 X 29 print, nicely matted and framed, with your signature and a copyright date of 1990. The frame size is 25 x 34 1/2. I found your web site but cannot find the print, only a couple similar to it. I’m wondering if you can tell me something about it. There are many fish and underwater life pictured in it. To me and my untrained eye, it actually looks like an oil painting. However, I am assuming that it is a print because it has the copyright date and your signature. I have taken a photo of it but don’t know how I would include it in this e-mail.


    Ron Monroe

  115. I am going out of town during the Annual Delray Affair. I always purchase a signed poster and am wondering if I could purchase prior to the event.

    Thank You,
    DeAnn Sutherland

  116. Eileen-I love the poster!!!You are so very talented! Would it be possible to obtain the original or a print???I feel so honored to have our house chosen this year. Thanks for a wonderful job!! Susan

  117. I have 2 paintings/watercolors that I would like to sell to a collector. I recently moved, and do not have enough room for them.
    1. #5318 Lavendar House – ES LR
    2. #5319 House of Many Colors – E.Side/W.Side
    ES BR
    They each measure 31 x 40, and are framed.
    Please let me hear from you. Thank you so much.

  118. Hi,
    I just placed an order on your site for two prints. I was given an order number of 223. I then attempted to leave the site, but I got a message that I needed to click again to complete the order. When I did so, it appears to have reordered the same prints, as I got a new order number of 224. Please send me only one copy each of the two prints I ordered.
    Thanks for your attention,

    Jo Ann Agress

  119. HI, which pieces in your collection come on canvas? I would like to buy some of your art (I have 3 pieces), but much prefer the ones that are on canvas, vs paper. thanks so much.


    PS. Obviously I love your stuff. Have you ever thought of going to the Amalfi coast and capturing some of those images?

  120. I saw an Internet notice stating that you will be teaching a watercolor painting class at the Blu Moon Studio.

    I am a beginer (no modesty here) & am looking for instruction.

    Thank you,


  121. HEllo,
    I am so glad your are accepted as the poster artist CONGRADULATION!!!!!
    HELP! IAM in the show and it looks like I am inschool house park 3rd booth in #492 Is that really crappy or are all booths ok ,it looks like I am an after thought? Where is your booth??? fondly,Pam

  122. Eileen, about 8 or so years ago, we spoke via email.Hubby and I bought many of your work when we visited Captiva and we decorated our Manhattan apartment with your art. We now have moved to Delray Beach, Florida and we were wondering if you will be there representing your art this coming weekend. Please let me know. We adore your visions and art work.
    Michele Donay

  123. For all the years I lived in Denver your art helped me live in an climate to which I was totally unsuited. Now that I live in Orlando I have “purple gazebo” hanging over my computer.
    I was at my desk thinking how much I have enjoyed this print over many years and realized your name was on the print. I clicked and there you were. So thank you for giving me many years of joy and happiness looking at your work. Linda Bruce

  124. I have a wonderful piece of your art. It is framed, and the image is approximately 34w x 20h.

    It has a multicolored cottage to the right, lots of foliage, a purple Adirondack chair,and a bicycle on the beach. The is a boat in the water named “Ariel.”

    It is signed C 2/94 Eileen Seitz in the leaves at bottom right.

    I do not know if it si a limited edition, a giclee or a watercolor.

    If you remember it, could you let me know. I can email a photo of it.

    Thank you so much for you time…and for creating this amazing work of art.


    Pat Siskin

  125. While vacationing at the Sonest Maho in St. Maarten recently, we could not help but notice your art work. One image in particular was the Coconut Grove Banyan Arts Festival Poster. Is it possible to purchase the image without the Arts Festival?


  127. My daughter bought one of your print watercolors entitle Sunset Hill (she was a performer/singer on the Holland America in South America this year.)

    It’s a beautiful painting and as it was a gift to me I was wondering if you could tell me where Sunset Hill is if this is indeed a place. If not, where is the picture painted.


  128. I am a big fan of your “Art Cards”….I had purchased a dozen or more many years ago(probably pre Aventura Unicorn Restaurant!?) at one of the CG Art Fests. I used my last one some months ago(I only used them on certain appropriate “special occasions”;in fact i enjoyed showing more than sending them to friends!)Was wondering if you offer any discount for quantities over, say …10 or so for a mixed bag as it were??? Regards, Dennis

  129. Hello Eileen,
    Having this beautiful poster in my dining area on an east wall reminds me daily of when I was in florida back in 2009 visiting my mom and when I spontaneously up and left and drove to the keys. Stopping at the chamber of commerce in Islamorada, I found a bounty of brillantly colorful posters of a few artists to delight the eyes. However, the one of the beachside cottage done by you in watercolors was exquisitely captive of the whole feel of the area waters of the keys and I purchased it. There was one left, lucky me. Its energy imparts the feeling of lightness into my space. I had decided to get two copies of the poster made as your signature was not on it, albeit your name was printed beneath the poster in the white border. The copies I have as well on a west wall and previously on a south wall in my space and I believe it just brings florida into the rooms creating a sense of relaxation and peace and lightness. When I decided to google your name today, the picture of you….your energy is that of all you have created and a painting in and of your self….nature in colorful party clothes…..thank you. Sincerely, Helen

  130. Hello,

    I went shopping ! ! I am very excited about my order and look forward to the items. About how long for shipping? Will there be a tracking number?
    Thank you again for the wonderful art.
    Sincerely, Helen

  131. Hello Eileen,
    It was a lovely surprise to get a call and I have to make an amendment to my previous email regarding the poster I purchased in Florida. It has your signature on it with the copyright year 2005. Thank you for the beauty you create and the great conversation.
    Helen Kennedy

  132. Hi Eileen, I chatted with you years ago when I checked the signature on my lovely painting above and you mentioned that it was one of your earlier works and had used a new style or type of waterclolor and wondered how it held up. I told you that to me it was lovely. I see others of yours which appear much brighter, but my colors do not seem faded. Anyway, unfortunately my husband of 28 years passed on the 10th and I find myself looking at foreclosure and uncertainty as to where I will end up, which is forcing me to let go of some my most dearest treasures (this being one). It was very professionally and beautifully matted, framed and glassed and of course weighs a ton, but when I suggested to my mother that I may need to let this go, she remembered my telling her how you had answered me years ago and thought perhaps that since it was one of your earlier works you might have a sentimental attachment to it and I should write you on the off chance that you might want to purchase it back from me. I did take pictures, but although my digital is old and slightly fuzzy, it does show fairly accurately the tones of the colors which are certainly darker than what I would ever call a light pastel. Anyway, long story long – I thought I would contact you first on the off chance that you might be interested. I managed to get it off the wall to take the picture, there was not enough light there and I estimate it weighs about 18 lbs with the frame. Thanks so much…. Sharon Oconner

  133. Do you have a gallery where your watercolors are displayed? My husband and I are interested in your original watercolor paintings. Do you ship your watercolors?

    Thank you –
    Kimela Tipton


  135. Hi,I saw your paintings so wonderfull.I am very impress.The water color paintings is so new style you done.Iam a is side.Have you very nice day.

  136. Hi Eileen,

    I love the kiosks in Coconut Grove that you did & now I’m excited about the mosaic. It’s great that you can pull together so many volunteers to work on it.
    I live in South Miami & want to commission a 5 x 7 ft rug. I have several of your giclee’s now. I am in no hurry & in fact have had it in my thoughts for awhile now. Maybe a winter date? I thought I saw where you have a studio in coconut grove, but I don’t see the address now. What is my next step for doing this?

  137. Greetings, I recently purchased one of your pieces and I am fascinated and intrigued by it. It takes me to the ocean, I can hear the sounds and feel the warm salt breeze. It is a porch like scene and has a large tree w/hammock and chairs (one seem to be like a wicker), very restful. 1991-Was this a commission? I have not found it anywhere else online. What is the name of it? Thanks, You are such a special artist, and person, I am sure!

  138. Hello! I found a large, beautifully framed piece of your art. Probably a poster, but pretty! The signature is ’89 E Seitz; possibly with a 7 before the ’89. My question – this piece is all blue/white. No colors. I haven’t been able to find it on your website and I’m curious about this particular one. Can you help? Thanks so much for your fabulous work; we’ve seen it many times, especially visiting our son in Florida. Thanks much, Diane Gustin, Gig Harbor, WA.

  139. I have a 8×10 framed ??photograph?? with your name & this title. I do not see it on your website. Is is really yours? Its beautiful & I would like to change the frame but i do not wantto take away from the value. Thanks, Patty

  140. I recently purchased 2 posters from you the Oceanbreeze and Islamorada. I finally took them out of the tube to have framed and realized that they dont really go very well together. Remember that I also have the Cobblestone to the Sea in the same room. In any case, I wanted to know if I could exchange the Islamorada for the Butterfly Beach poster. I think it would be a better match with the other 2. Please let me know what you think and if that is doable. Thanks 561-758-8743.

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  142. I own one of your framed prints “Harmony Hill”. It was a gift from a good friend. It is signed and numbered 107/500. I love the colors and the beatiful landscape that is depicted. I live in NY but love the colors of the tropical landcapes and often just stare at the print thinking of the warm tropical breezes. I was wondering is you could tell me a bit about the subject matter – such as where it is, also what was the original medium. How can I tell if it is giclee or a litho? I am also wondering about value as well.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork!

  143. I own a beautiful signed lithograph, framed and matted, size is approx 26\” x 40\” before matting, looks much like \”Macaw\” but is not… numbers on back are 6567, framed by Uniquely Framed. Can you give me any idea on value? I paid $900.00 ten to 15 years ago….

  144. Hello Eileen,
    It was so refreshing talking to you today. Thank you so much for your spiritual insight and enlightment. I was browsing through your site and WOW! it is a breath of fresch air and very peaceful.I absolutely love your work. you are a talented artist with a positive soul. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you again. Muaaah!

  145. Greetings Eileen My wife and I own three pieces. We truly enjoy your work. We live in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. Do you have an updated schedule of Art shows? Do you have a studio where we can meet you? Thank you William Day

  146. I’m interested in a general cost for your beautiful rugs. The 7′ size and the rose hibiscus is lovely. I get compliments all the time on my pix I purchased from you a few years ago. The rug would be a great addition.

  147. I would like you to paint either a watercolor or oil from a large photograph. The photo is a beautiful mansion on Hypoluxo Island. It was taken from my terrace at my condo on the inter coastal. The colors are breathtaking and I know you came highly recommended to recreate this on canvas.

  148. Eileen:

    You called on my brother Brian, with the tibeten rugs. He was impressed with your art
    and rug style.

    my question for you, is I have some Tony Scornavacca (old grove artist) prints and an oil; is their a local gallery that handles his work? If you could help I would like to find them a good home.

    Thank You,

    Ed Bergin

  149. I taught art at Seward Park 1968,but I didn’t know that I had the power to change your life.Iam delighted to hear from you and enjoyed seeing your beautiful paintings and prints.

    Sol Zaretsky

  150. Eileen, Thanks for the prompt response.{When I used/eileenseitz,com/ address the message could not go thru.} I think you can obtain copies of S.P.H.S. yearbooks on the net to see some of your illustrations in 1966-1967.Your list of shows and accomplishments are remarkable.
    Yes, those are photos of my recent work.You can see more by Googling me. With all good wishes, Sol Zaretsky

  151. I have a framed piece of work that has a tag on the rear that says “Job 250” “Style ES-105” which appears to be the framers information but it is a depiction of a Spanish-style hacienda surrounded by tropical foilage and it is signed “87 E.Seitz”. I have perused your site and have determined that the style is certainly yours. Does this sound familiar?

  152. Hello Eileen-I was wonder what the value of your “Dreamtime” that you painted (doesn’t look like a print)for 1997 Nations Bank would be today? As I just found your BEAUTIFUL artwork at a Good Will store for $20. It will not be something I will part with as it looks very pretty hanging in my living room.
    Have a great day,

  153. hi Eileen

    Was surfing the web on coconut Grove, FL and saw your beautiful oil painting from Feb 1991 that you did quite a large size 36X48, would you be able to do an origional watercolor in a similiar setting? I understand from what I have read on the web that coconut Grove is really a very nice spot in the Miami, Fl area. will appreicate hearing back from you.

    Thank you, jim Yerkes, Kirkwood, Missouri (St Louis area).

  154. Hello,

    I have been blessed with the gift of two of your beautiful paintings. Rainbow Reef Signed 2 90 & Freedoms Edge Signed 11? 95. The #2 and #11 are circled. I am guessing 90 & 95 either the # print or the year?
    Could you please give some back round on these? I believe they are water color/silk screen ?
    I just love them. I am far from an are expert, but I can see heart and sole of someone who enjoys what they are doing.

    Thank you for the Smile,

    Michael A. Rutigliano

  155. Hi Eileen,

    A few years ago I bought a few of your prints at a gallery on Duvall St in Key West. I am currently in KW and can not find yout art. Is your work for sale currently in any of the galleries here?



  156. I found this picture for sale and bought it but did not know where it came from as it was in small shop that resales items people no longer want. I saw that it was signed but I have found no matches on your website. It is framed and is fairly large about 2’x4′? i haven’t measure it. Also have a similar small picture that i don’t find on the site either but it is not signed but the two are clearly related works. i was just wondering what they might be worth but do not want to sell.

  157. I was fortunate enough to pick up two of your prints in a yard sale in Melbourne Florida, they are about 22 by 24 inches in beautifully matted frames, both are looking out on a bay w?islands in the distance, one has macaws and is sighed by you in 1992 the other is not but looks like the same area, lots of foiliage would you know the location of them, I\”m not clever enough to upload the pictures, but they are nice and I love them. They look like watercolors but looking at your web site has confused me. Thankyou very much!!! Jeremiah

  158. Hello Eileen,
    Looks like one of the phone pictures from when I saw you recently was good for your website – great. Great picture !!!
    Super nice website you have – alot of changes since I visited last. Very informative and fun to look around. 🙂

  159. Hi, Eileen! We recently bought a print and 2 cloths from you at Pinecrest Gardens Mkt. We would love to give another framed print aas a gift and wondered if we could meet you at a show or your gallery tomorrow (Sat) to buy the framed print. Let me know I know it is short notice…..So sorry. Thanks! Laura

  160. The gentleman who does my hair (Mike Brooks) had one of your prints at his shop that I fell in love with and I so enjoy your vibrant works.

    Do you have a gallery close to Bradenton? My in laws go to Florida in the winter and I would love to send them to view your works.

    Thank you! Karen
    Ludington, Michigan

  161. Hey Eileen: It’s been many years since we chatted online but I’m still a huge fan of your work and enjoy visiting your website to see what new things you’ve added. I’ll be in MIA the last week in Jan. and wonder if your studio is open to visitors. If so, would it be possible for me to come by on Friday, Feb. 3? If not, is there a gallery with a lot of your work that you could recommend I visit? Thanks and hope you are doing well!

  162. i have a painting of yours, its the sun fest ’97 15th anniversary and its signed by you. i couldn’t find anything on the internet that showed what kind of value it has. its 36″ x 11″. i would really appreciate if you could tell me what its worth. thank you so much for your time. god bless.

  163. I loved your paintings in Pollo Tropical in Edison NJ, I was very disappointed when I saw they replaced your pictures with something else. I wanted to know where I can buy the paintings they took out of the store. I’m hoping maybe I can buy them cheaper there.I don’t have a lot of money but would love one of those paintings. I love palm trees and tropical things. Is there a clearing house for pictures taken out of a resturant, there was at least 3 I loved.

  164. Hi mam
    I m from India so I see ur hand paint on fabric it’s very beautiful
    I want know will u do this on Woollen fabric also if so then I will send u a woolen fabric size will be 1mtr/2mtr ( 100cm / 200cm) tell me how much it will cost

  165. Dear Eileen,
    We are an art publishing and licensing agency in Minneapolis and I am wondering if you would consider licensing your images? If so, we would be interested in talking. You can visit our licensing website at Please email if you are interested and we can talk further.
    Thank you.
    Shannon Burke

  166. Hello,
    Your art work and fabrics are beautiful. I am with Downtown in Bloom, an event that will take place in Palm Beach Gardens on March 31 and April 1st. This will be a garden themed show held at Downtown at the Gardens. Would you be interested in participating? I would love to provide you with more information.
    Thank you,

  167. Hi Eileen? We purchased your go lee at the Hillsboro art Fair three weeks ago. It was going to be done in giclee & re-framed in white. We hoped it would be ready by not. Any idea when? Also, ate you in the Coconut Creek/Grove art fair this weekend ?
    Please let us know. Thank you

  168. I purchased this art piece many years ago and I love it. I can not find it on your web site and I was curious to see what the value may be now. Copyright 87E.Seitz 22×3. I can’t remember if its a litho?

  169. Hello Eileen,
    I purchased this from an Estate Sale in Georgia this past winter. The picture is signed under the actual painting. It also has a 6 in a circle and 95 before your name. The picture also is signed. What can you tell me about thhis picture? It measures 4″ by 6″.

    Thank You in advance for your time.

  170. Dear Ms. Seitz,

    I received my order of three art cards in perfect condition in just two days after ordering and was delighted to find enclosed the gift of the Macaws Playground card. It goes perfectly with the others and I wanted to thank you for the card and your beautiful artwork.

    Dianne Sebai

  171. Hello,

    I was honored to meet you 3 years ago this May. It during the time you were working on the peacocks. You welcomed myself and my husband and my cousin and her husband into your studio and your home. I really love your work and your free spirit. We all found you very interesting. You spoke of maybe doing a book. I hope you do!

    My husband and I would like to come to the art festival at Delray Beach next year and was wanting to know if you might have the dates?

    Thank you and we look foward to seeing you again.

  172. Hi Eileen:
    I saw one of your paintings in Dr. Taylor Poole’s office yesterday. Could you kindly let me know (a) price range of your paintings/prints (2) location of your shop where I could drive up to view them.
    Thank you and regards,
    Juan Sardi

  173. I’m divorced and in stuart…just promoted you on FB and have a new job. Moving to Stuart so I’m closer and working a medical sales job down to the keys from here. So….I want to meet you when I’m in Miami and when I get a few paychecks I want to buy the glecee of “reef dancers” and the old faded one I had to leave with my ex…can’t wait to meet you. Going to do a coastal living theme in my apartment. lets talk…229-255-6143. Tom

  174. Greetings from the west coast from a kindred artist spirit, Eileen. i enjoyed viewing your rich, vibrant paintings and definitely feel an affinity with you. I am really impressed with your work and dedication to your art. I was contacted by Pacifica Tile Art company who want to feature my art on their tiles and I’m wondering what your experience has been with them. I know you are very busy but I hope you can find a few minutes to say hi and tell me what you think. if interested my web site is:
    I greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.
    All my very best wishes,

  175. Hello, I am having trouble locating information for what I think is a signed and numbered print of Miss Bea’s Cove. I am hoping you could provide me with some detail.

    Thank you,


  176. I have a print I got 20 years ago that shows among other things a sofa and chair on a patio that looks out over the ocean. I would love to replace this print as it has faded over time. Do you know which print this is and where I might be able to replace it? Thank you for your help.

  177. I look forward to seeing you again, I enjoyed talking to you the other night. That is such a great book Gail got. Before all the Kitchen gadgets! Very Cool… in Love & Light, Caroline Bertram

  178. Hello Eileen,

    I have two of your very large prints and Im trying to re-sell it because, though they are stunning, unfortunately my husband does not fancy it. My question is , do you re-purchase your prints ? Also, if I send you a picture, can you tell me what type of media it is .. sorry Im not to familar, kindly forgove my ignorance.
    I look forward to hearing from you,

  179. Dear Eileen,

    I have 4 signed, matted and whitewashed framed prints, approx size of the cut out prints are 5 3/4″ X 3 1/2 to 4″.
    They did not have museum glass, thus, faded to an almost sepia color. Is there anything you can do with them, perhaps I can send them to you and you can add color, of course I will gladly pay for it and I will reframe them in museum glass? They are a gift from my late father, while I was visiting him in Arizona some years ago. The names are: Seagrapes to the Sun ’90, Coastal Garden ’90, Treehouse Breezes ’91, and Sophias Rest ’94.

    Also, I have 2 prints hand signed in gold, 1 approx. 22’X32″ the other approx 26″X32″ I bought in Kauai on very memorable visits with my husband and children some years ago. They also have faded to muted color, can color be added on top of these to bring out the vivid, bright, tropical feel they once had? I will also reglass in museum glass. I learned my lesson since. They are: both underwater seascapes with horizons ’90.

    Thank you in advance for expediting your response.


    Linda Maria Kaplan

  180. Hope all is well with you…I am doing OK and wanted to share the news that my grandaughter, Jenna got into the extended art program at her middle school. She just started 8th grade and will have art class every day all year. She is excited and looking forward to guidance in many different art projects. Hopefully, we will be in Florida in Jan(late) and catch up with you at an art fair. I hope to bring pics of her work. LOVE the pillows for my couch and think of you when I see them. Take care and enjoy look forward to seeing you in 2013!!

  181. I am watching an old movie.
    “Man on fire”
    with Denzel Washington
    Filmed in Miami.
    The hotel that it is filmed
    At has your pictures in it!!!
    Just thinking of you.
    Hope everything is good with you.
    Please stay in touch

  182. Eileen, just found 2 small 4″x 5 1/2 ” matted, framed, signed, cards mini prints? Not exactly sure which they are.
    One is Seagrape to the Sea @90 Eileen Seitz, the other is Treehouse Breezes @90. Could you tell me a bit about either? Love your work. BTW- We have a house in Rincon PR , been my piece of paradise for decades. Thanks

  183. I recently purchased a painting of yours approximately 20 by 28 inches, matted and framed. (that is the size of the painting — print?) The frame is 34 by 42 inches. It is titled “White Picket Fence” Is there a good way for me to tell if it is an original or a print (poster?) without taking it apart. You have signed it on one of the fence boards “E-seits c. 87. I just love it!
    What can you tell me about this painting?

  184. Hi,Eileen. My wife and I have one of your paintings “Ribbons of Light” 97 signed, matted and framed. We love the picture and wanted to know if you could put an appraisal amount on the picture. Thank you so much. Mike and Laura

    this is my email address

    Hi Eileen,
    Merry Christmas!
    I met you Sunday market…
    You said to me that I look like a Japanese lady..
    I sent emails Christmas Card with your drawing to my best friends so they might like your drawing a lot!!
    I just wish to say hi from me !!

    take care

  186. Hello Eileen,

    While cleaning out our offices we found a framed & matted copy #337/450 of Cinnamon Swim. My boss asked me to find it’s value online but I am having a hard time finding anything. Could you please help me with this?

    Thank you for your time,

  187. Hello Eileen.

    My name is Irma and am a jewelry designer from Hollywood, Fl.
    I mainly do handmade crochet and beads.

    I wanted some information about the upcoming events and calendar for 2013.

    Would love to hear from you.
    Feel free to visit my website


  188. I have an Eileen Seitz print dated 1992 that I am trying to identify and hoped that you could help me. It is a tropical print with a blue roof gazebo at the right, palm trees, a blue lounge chair and many other colorful chairs on a Terre cotta floor and the ocean as a backdrop.

    Thank you,
    Becky Leek

  189. I just came into possession of a lovely artwork, Sunfest Weekend, of yours. I love the picture and want to know more about it.

    It says “Original Art by Eileen Seitz” and is signed with a date of 4/94.

    How do I tell if this is an original or a print?

    Thank you.

    Burt W. Sheier

  190. We received your puzzle as a Christmas gift. My sister lives in Delray Beach, Fl and was very proud that the puzzle was the artwork of a local artist. My sister knew that my husband I would enjoy working on it, it’s one of the few things we can do together since he is terminally ill. We finished the puzzle tonight and have discovered one piece is missing. Do you how we could possibly get the piece we need to complete it? We love the artwork and my husband has enjoyed reading about the fish and is disappointed that its not quite finished.
    Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.
    Marva Gill

  191. Hi, I’m in love w/ your tropical posters. I had a dream chance to vacation w/ a friend to the Cona resort on the big island of Hawaii and there I saw your beautiful art work. I wrote down your name (it was signed in pencil)and it had c/90 next to it. I didn’t see it on your page so I was just wondering if it was available? Thank you and keep up the beautiful work. Marylee

  192. Last week I was gifted what I believe to be a small (3.5″ X 5″ appx.) giclee? It is titled ‘afternoon tea’ & signed, matted and framed with the gallery return address sticker on the back of the frame & am hoping to learn more about it. The print or giclee has a medium sea blue mat (which isn’t mounted very well, loose & protruding staples; also the art itself is peeling up under the frame. I offer this info constructively -as the art is far too delightful to let these issues be anything aside from insignificant.).

    Where might I find the print run number, if there is one & at what value should I list this for my home insurance policy?

    I am very happy to have received this, it makes a lovely addition to my eclectic jewelry, art & antique collection.

    Sincerely yours,

    Lori Spiros

  193. I have a huge framed art piece in my living room. How can i tell its value? it has a C w a circle around it followed by 5/94 Eileen Seitz
    Has two palm trees ,blueish hammock pattern w red pillow. Ocean n a sailboat in the backround. Floor looks like brick.

    Has a wood frame lined w blue surrounding then picture.

    Thanks for your time.

  194. anabelle and i were looking at your art and this is what she said” the fish are so beautiful i want to swim in there with them” ( out of the mouths of babes ) anabelle also wants me to have a rug like the one you painted, if i find a home i will want one also!!!!! happy valentines day to you……

  195. Hello,
    My name is Steve Phillips. I’m contacting you on behalf of a friend concerning an oil painting she found signed 1987 E-Seitz and framed by the Franklin Picture Company. On the frame is a hand-written inscription First Entry Deer Park. I have not seen the picture myself, but I understand the picture consists of a cottage house, trees, white picket fence and water in the background, with somewhat of an Hawaiian theme. Please tell me whatever you can about this picture?
    Thank you for your time.
    Steve Phillips

  196. Hi, I’ve e mailed you before, but I gave you the wrong email address.I’m looking for a poster I saw at the Cona resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You signed it in pencil. It was a tropical forest of beautiful colors.I did’t see it on your web page,and I was wondring if something like that would be available? Thank you, and keep up the beautiful work.

  197. Hello Eileen. Received our print today and what a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much for the additional print of “McCaw’s Playground” that you sent with our order. I love the color and feel of your work. I wanted to be sure to let you know how much it is appreciated.
    Best wishes,

  198. Hi Eileen, Thanks for emailing me back. I think the poster i’m looking for is a long size print maybe 31×23? I took a picture of it w/ my friend’s camera. I asked her to look for it, although it had a glare on it so I don’t know if she saved it. I remember being amazed by all the vivid colors, very similar to your summer blooms. I’ll let you know if she finds it. thanks again, Jersey Girl Marylee

  199. I own several posters of yours but 2 I do not see shown. New World View Paradise and Porchside View. I’m inquirying about their retail value.

    Thank you;

  200. Hey Eileen, this is seth berkey. I spoke to you the other day and wanted to see if you could use any part time help. Give me a call when you get a chance. Thanks and talk to you soon. Seth.


  201. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to say much. Apon moving up here and climbing out of the car I took a job as the “Head Of Maintenance” at a large hotel. This was possible due to a lack of talent. After 14 months of harsh conditions there I was able to secure employment as one of two maintenance men at a large apartment complex. We go as far as to completely gut units when necessary; wiring; plumbing; walls; doors; you name it. This betters my life as each day after work from the time I arrived I would drive around street by street, nieghborhood by nieghborhood, town by town looking for a house to buy. I have had success and in honing my skills am applying them to fixing the place up. It’s small,just about 2000 Sq. Ft. with only 2 bedrooms. I am well liked in helping improve the lives of others and letters of praise are written and sent to management on my behalf. This suits me well as it reminds me I am having an effect on making this a better world to live in. I am now located at 16 Hampden Road in a nieghborhood called Beverly Hills at the edge of the city limit of East Asheville. Surrounded by the municipal golf course, the lot is at the end of two streets that form a “V”-shape encircled by a mountain ridge. I can not describe the view as it must be seen to be believed. I’ll write again. Sincerely, Hector P.S. Say hello to Lisa and tell her as much. P.S.S. Mom says Hello also.

  202. Hi Eileen, we found it. Are you still having a moving $ale? Every time I see this picture, I float back to The Big Island. My friend, Cindy, sold her time share so I must relish in my memories. Thank you for your time and your beautiful work. Marylee

  203. Ms.Seitz
    Found one of your framed prints in a goodwill store,picture is of fish and from what I can make out it is o90 or C 90 and your name signed.(printed)
    I know its just a print but i really like it.
    I went on line to look at your other work.
    Just wondering if you have a gallery or art shop in the area.
    Tom T

  204. Eileen

    We are visiting Islamorada and ate enjoying your artwork that is displayed in our condo. Most of these pieces are dated in the early 1990s.

    We live is Saint Augustine and wondered if there is somewhere we can view your more recent pieces. We have quite a few galleries in our area but have never seen your work. We are enjoying your pieces. They are “feel good” pieces and have touched us.

    Would love to hear from you. We collect Coleman, Tabora Brian Davis, Jennifer Marks, to name a few and we have an interest. Any info you can provide would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.

  205. Hi,
    Our local Red Lobster Restaurant is renovating and donated the two “prints” (I assume) to Habitat for Humanity, and I purchased them.
    Can you tell me about them?
    Are they a signed print? Litho?
    Ocean Breeze is approx 25″ x 18″ and
    Underwater Majesty approx 24″ x 29″
    Looks like a nice paper, what would there value be?

  206. Hi Eileen, seagrapes to the sun is even more alive and vibrant then I remembered.I opened the package on my birthday,may 22. It is sooo beautiful and joyful to look at. Your work of art is a gift from you to me. Thanks again for helping me find my little piece of paradise. I hope your all settled in and celebrating each new day in your wonderfully talented way. Thanks again, Jersey Girl:)

  207. We acquired your artwork this year in Naples, FL. In the lower right of the work, on a white wicker table, is a torquoise book with the words Garden of Flowers on the cover. The flooring is torquoise and white. The signature appears to be printed on the slat on te table top. We would like more info on the print. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Mark & Jan Abele

  208. Dear Eileen,

    In 1986 or thereabouts I came to your studio in Coconut Grove and purchased Foxy’s Hideaway, Living Lotus Waters, Underwater Majesty and another large underwater print(can’t recall the name) from you and you were so kind to me. You took me to your framers and helped me pick out frames for them. I recall teasing you that you were mixing Caribbean and Pacific tropical fish in one picture. They have hung in my home ever since. I am writing to ask if there is any hope that you might reissue prints of Living Lotus Waters which is my absolute favorite. My copy has faded badly and I would really like to have a new one in its original colors! Back then we didn’t know they would fade so I didn’t use the special glass on them. I hope that you are well and happy and look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Wishes,
    Nancy Addison

  209. Wanted to let you know, I plan to place an order for at
    least two posters ….

    Recently saw a youtube video on situations in Miami
    Are there local artists which have anything to say about
    that problem ?
    a sort of present day AshCan school of art ?

    Thoughts are if the public libraries had much greater
    accessibility for all as stated by law, and materials would
    meet the needs of people who are somehow persuaded to make mistakes. Of course with further opportunities
    for counsel from mentors, (possibly, volunteer retirees among others),
    educational information would take the place of the
    actions which end them in jail.
    That along with opportunities to express themselves
    in the arts and a variety of challenging outdoor
    activities and sports….
    wouldn\’t the behaviorally challenged …. be more likely
    to never go to jail … and be forced into military structures which diminish their creative spirits …
    sort of internal deaths … invisible …. and we all are the
    losers as the contributions of these citizens won\’t be known… a lose for society.

    Plan to visit at some time this summer.
    Do you stay in Miami ?

  210. Hello Ms. Seitz,

    I happened to be at the Salvation Army and ran across two of your most beautiful pieces. I had to buy them. I have always loved art since I was a teenager and I was immediately drawn to them. They are mounted on a white matte and white frame and have a name plate with the name of the art. One is White Picket Fence the other is Porchside View. Are you able to tell me anything else about them? Are they watercolor? I am originally from Puerto Rico and simply love how you capture our the tropical environment and scenery. Thanks for your help. Venessa

  211. I absolutely LOVE your work! It is gorgeous! Do you do shipping to Canada?

    Thank you for using your gifts to make the world more beautiful.


  212. Hi Eileen, listening to the show here and looking at your website. You, your energy, your paintings…are beautiful. Happy to hear you on RevRadio/Freedomslips.

    I just felt compelled to reach out to you. Miles of Smiles and Sprinkles of Tinkles!

    <3 Lisa

  213. I just rec’vd “Fisherman’s Beach” a Beautiful picture you did. Can you tell me more about it. Where was it painted, is it oil or water color? It”s a large picture and there is your name plac and the name of the picture on the frame. Thanks for your time

  214. Hi…I came to you home some moths ago to buy a pillow…I want 2-3 more…can we make arrangements for me to come to the Grove sometime next week so I can buy them?…here’s my cell 305-335-7643
    I was the one who hand washed the pillow and they ran so now I need to replace…thanks

  215. sorry I did not get in touch with you sooner…I said I would come to get the pillows this week but I hurt my neck and I’m in too much pain to venture out this week…I definitely want 2-3 more so I will call you when I feel better…thanks…Gail

  216. Hi, I recently purchased one of your paintings and was wondering if you could provide me with some additional information about it. I really like your style and was immediately drawn to the colors and details within the painting. What I have is called Sunfest Weekend. It is signed by you and while I understand you number your paintings it appears to be either a 494 or a date of 1/94 and name written on table in the picture. The name of the painting is written on the left side of the picture and your signature on the right hand side. From researching I see this picture was used as a poster for a festival. The painting I have is not a poster, I’m not sure if it’s a Giclee print or a offset lithograph. It is matted, on paper and 30 x 22″ dimensionally. So if you can tell me anything else about the painting and what exactly it is I would appreciate it. I could send pictures if you like.
    Thank you, Tom Hardester

  217. Would you ever come to St. Louis? I think your artwork is amazing and I feel great joy when I look at your work. I have a painting of yours that I found in a small shop. You are truly blessed to have such a gift.

  218. Eileen: I just bought a poster “Black Chintz and Roses” which was framed and sold at an art sale. I really liked it. Can’t find it in any of your web pages. Is there a history of this painting? I think the year was 1987 but not sure.


    Denis Bourcier
    Treasure Island, FL

  219. Hi,
    I love your work 🙂 I was wondering if you could tell me in what year you painted Key Lime Limbo? Also do you what became of the original painting? I think I have a print of it, though I am unsure if it’s actually a “print”…it’s signed in the bottom right with your has a number 8 circled and 2/94. It’s very nicely framed…could you tell me about this piece and what the numbers refer to? I also have another beautiful “print ” framed in the same manner, I am unsure as to it’s name. I bought both pieces together about 10 months ago in the Florida Keys. Do you have a reference resource of your past works so that I can identify the other print? Thanks, Lori

  220. Hello guys! I have 20 Minecraft premium accounts that I wont use so I decided to give it away to those of you whom cant afford to buy one. To participate just answer this questions:
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  222. Ms Seitz,
    I have a Florida kitchen with sitting room. I have beadboard 6ft from bottom of floor then Ihave very pale pink painted above beadboard. I need 3 different prints watercolors above mantle Don’t know how to mix and match different prints for instance house ,plants dock and what combinations to use . Also. I dont know if matte colors shold be the same. I do want to use white picture frames on all pictures. Does this make sence. I would like to talk to you if possible. Thanks Suzy 615-300-2607

  223. I have a signed and dated piece of your artwork for sale and many other framed pictures. They are absolutely beautiful but we do not have walls big enough for them. Can you suggest anyone who may be interested in acquiring the pictures.

    Thank you so much

  224. I called your Florida office today and left a message for a call back. I have bought your art before while on vacation. We love it. I now need to order 2 or 3 posters for my husband’s dental office. I will have them framed after they arrive. My question is, can I frame the image size? It is about the size I was looking for. If I have to frame the larger surface size I am afraid would be too big. Please drop me a note. Thanks so much. 713 828 8296

  225. I have this painting that I acquired ,and I would like to know information about this painting,It say’s C 1989 E Seitz. My Phone #808-387-3074

    Thank you,
    Laverne Ortiz

  226. Ms Seitz,
    We have acquired 3 of your works around 10 years ago at an auction. We have only just now took them out of storage and really enjoy them. We are wondering why we waited so long. can you tell us about for signature what does the extra number circled represent.
    one has and 8 circled then “2/94” printed name
    one has e circled and a “/94” signature
    the last one as what i see as a 5 circled “/92”
    Michael Sawula

  227. Hi Eileen:
    Thanks in advance.
    I’m researching a “Saturday with Beatrice” 11×17 framed litho with a label on the rear.

    It reads:
    455 Job No.
    E (Initial)
    Style No. ES-130
    Uniquely Framed Pictures

    Anything of interest here, other than a very enjoyable print?

    Thanks again.

  228. Hi, I’ve had two small numbered prints by you hanging in my house for over 15 years. I was very excited to meet you at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. I love your Peacocks in Paradise, but unfortunately can’t afford the painting. I see on your website that you have a giclee 22.5 x 30. Is that available with a mat and frame and if so, what would be the cost? Also, does that come in a size that would fit in a standard, rather than custom frame. I know you’re very busy right now, so no rush getting back to me. You can email, or call me at (215)362-9289. Thanks! Laura

  229. Hi Eileen,
    we are from Germany and have already some of your pictures in our appartment in Cape Coral.Due to circumstances beyong our control we can not obtain further pictures from our earlier supplier.
    Could you kindly get us information if in our neighbourhood your pictures are still for sale.
    Thank you for your action
    Best regards
    W. Nicol

  230. Hi! I found one of your pictures at the padre island country club and was wondering it’s value. It has your signature with a small c in a circle and #90 in front of it. There is not a lot of bright colors, but it might be faded. It is a picture of a coral reef just like l see in some of your works online. It’s not mine but I like it a lot and wonder of the value. Thank you and have a great day.

  231. Dear Ms Seitz:

    I have print #2/12 of flamingo lagoon. I was looking to reframe it, and realized that the signature and number were on the matting. Is there any way to have you resign it on new matting? Or whatever would be most appropriate?

    Thank you.

  232. I was hoping you could help me. I have a framed print/painting of yours with your signature and the number 90 on it. I am not sure if it is a print or original painting. I just inherited it and somebody wanted to buy it fm me. How do I determine the value. I love your work but the colors do not go with house I have which is old mediteranean. Thanks for any help

  233. what is total shipping cost for 3 matted cards to 32958….. it didn’t say anywhere and that makes all the difference…..thanks also I ordered all sky blue mats but one of the matted cards doesn’t show any color….

  234. I see a circled “C” 89 and E Seitz in lower right corner. Picture is in a blue mode of a house with the ocean in the background. Obviously a tropical scene. It is framed nicely. I would like to know more. I do not see it on this site. What is possible value if I donate it to a charitable cause?

  235. Hi Eileen
    One day months ago here in the state of New Jersey in a thrift shop we came across a framed 20.5 x 31 print 13.5 x 24 titled ‘Cinnamon Swim’ numbered 64/450 copy right 93 Eileen Seitz. Is this really one of yours? Can you tell us anything about it? Is it oil or watercolor? Its also signed. I took pics but can’t attach to this message.
    Thanks Carol

  236. Hi, I am a big fan of your work. It makes me feel like I just want to step into it and put my feet in the sand!

    Was hoping for information on commissioned work and prices. I specifically would be interested in oil on canvas but would also like information on watercolor.

    Thank you so much!


  237. can you give me an estimated arrival date? I am moving out of the country and want this for a wall in my little place in Haiti. I leave soon (1/13) and it might be better to change the address to the organization that flies me there instead to be sure i get it with me when i leave on 1/16. let me know which is better.

  238. 2 each posters:
    Beachside Cottage
    Barefoot in Garden
    Butterfly Beach
    Hello Hibiscus
    Pastel Salty Cottage
    Sophias Rest
    Springtime in Tropics
    Summers Song

    Is Under the Golden Coconuts available anywhere as a poster? Also you\’ll need a new credit card number from me. Talk to you soon!


  239. Hello Eileen,
    I visited your website you do a very good job!
    I am wondering what kind of picture I will send to you.
    I am looking for something new to put it the tourism office of nuku hiva.
    I will let you know if I find the right picture!
    Sunny regards from nuku hiva.
    tourism office manager.

  240. Please help me identify one of your paintings It is signed and dated 92 also a circle with either a letter or number in it. Tropical scenery a cottage ocean in the back ground a bicycle on the side of the cottage. Painting measuring 20×30 is matted and framed. My wife and I fell in love with it and would like to know more about it. Thank You Gus and Holly

  241. I just purchased a small print(6″x 4″) titled “Coastal Garden”, the colors are great and I love it. Just wondering what type of printing it is? I tried to figure it out on your website and I can not find the work or am able to tell. I can send you a photo if you like. Thanks and you do beautiful work!

  242. I’d like to change my order to be this fabric instead of the poster. how do I pay the additional $15?
    Can you put that on my card? Thanks.
    i told my friends to let me know by the end of today if they are wanting to order…if any tell me they want something, I’ll let you know their names so their item can be put in with mine

    my shipping info
    Sally Todd
    3170 Airmans Dr. Unit 2136 HHM
    Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

  243. I sent you an email regarding my interest in finding more about this piece of framed (professionally by Captivia’s Finest Captivia Island, FL. I purchased either at a local yard shop, peddlar mall – it was too beautiful to leave. I would like to give to my son and family as they are moving into their new home soon. Valuable or not, it is beautiful. Would you please give me some thoughts or where to go to get this information. Have a great day.

  244. Eileen, Have a copy of one of your prints handing in my dining room, Treehouse Breezes, signed in 1991. Wondering if you have any shows coming up in Florida this year. Your posted schedule ends in February.

  245. Good afternoon Eileen,

    I have acquired some of your artwork(unframed). I have attached one for your opinion. I have framed artwork also.

    Shalimar in the shade.

    Plus many other posters, and signed framed artwork.

    Your artwork is beautiful. I want to make sure it is taken care of.

    What do I have?

    Thank You


  246. Came across this art work and fell in love with your style as being a canadian I enjoy the sunny south and all its beauty I have your print in my bedroom and every morning I study the artwork and find myself in the piece very calming!!! I have come across another piece but the colors are not so vibrant are all your pices so colorful? I intend on getting another if I can find one so vibrant yet peaceful regards . Joanne

  247. thankyou for your reply – tree house in the breezes I am enjoying – you have certainly accomplished what you try to do with your paintings – the spirit has definitely reached me through this print – the colors are still vibrant – the new one I found I can’t seem to find anywhere – it has a pink house in background with a lattice looking glass door looking out onto a garden on a table is a book with the title garden of flowers – is this perhaps the name of the print – the colors are less vibrant in this one compared to the Treehouse Breeze – thankyou for your response once again – also is there somewhere where I could have them appraised thankyou

  248. I purchased the Xcaret Life on board the Oceania Marina in November. I have been contacted by Oceania that the company has gone out of business. I loved the painting and was wondering how I could purchase it. I paid $159.09 and it was unframed. Could someone please contact me? Thank you Virginia McGrath

  249. I just sent you an email that I had purchased the above painting on the Oceania Marina in November and the company has gone out of business. I asked where I could purchase the Xcaret. I found it on your website and have purchased it! I am hoping to see you aboard Oceania when we sail in December and January. Thank you Virginia McGrath

  250. I have been able to find the above painting on your website and have purchased it, please disregard my previous email. I hope to see you on board the Oceania Marina in December Thankyou, Virginia McGrath

  251. My husband and I just become owners of “Dockside Market”. We are enjoying it beautiful colors and subject.

    What is it’s app. value. I think it is a poster.

    Have a great day,


  252. Hello Eileen,
    I purchased a small print of yours called “Bromeliads in Pink” when I lived on the island of St. Lucia, West Indies briefly in 1994. Loved the colors, and I needed a small memento from my days on St. Lucia. Over e years, the “white” Matt that he print is adhered to has yellowed, and it would normally be an easy job to replace it, but your signature is on the part that has yellowed. Wondering if you have any suggestions. I can send you a picture of the print, but I suspect I cannot attach any thing to this message. My email is noted above. if you reply, I can then send the picture as a reply to your reply. I now live in So Cal and want to handgun the picture, but it really needs a little TLC TO show it at its best.

    Thanks in advanvance for your reply,

  253. And miss you. If you are ever in daytona beach. You better call us !
    Scottt is here. See him everyday. We get along great ,!,,,, How are you ?
    Do an art show here and stay at my place.
    For sure !,,,,
    Love you
    Patti ann. Carico.

  254. we have one of your artworks dockside market.
    the signature has a C circled then the year 87,
    its not numbered.could this be an original watercolor?

  255. Dear Eileen,

    My wife Kim and I were fortunate enough to purchase a signed print of a painting of a house you made in 1987 according to the date in the picture. It is titled \”Swiss Gingerbread\”.

    I know you are extremely busy but if you have time, would you tell me where this house is located?

    Thanks very much for your time and trouble.

    John Gressard

  256. Just ordered two of your pillows (love your colors and graphics). These are going to sit together on a couch, so if I could ask that they be similar but not too identical, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  257. Have 1977 painting of yours of Ron’s cottage in my back yard in KW 1977. Getting ready to give my stuff to my heirs. Please advise as to cuurrent value.

  258. I recently married a car packrat. He has many old hubcaps that he wanted to take to metal recycling.I just could not let him do that. I have racked my brain to try and figure a way to turn them into art or a use (bird feeders or baths. I just happened by chance to type in “hub cap art” and flipped out over what I see! What kind of paint do you use on them for outdoor use? I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED!!! Keep me on your mailing list. Thanks.

  259. Hi- I have had, for many years, a framed and signed Eileen Seitz picture titled “White Picket Fence.” I believe it says ’87 in the signature, but without taking this out of the frame, is it a watercolor, lithograph, oil or what? I think after all these years of owning this wonderful piece, that I knew a bit about it!!! Thank you so much for your time.

  260. Eileen, Hello I was at Lorie Johnson’s show on 7/2/14 and am wondering if you could give me some information regarding your rates regarding readings? Thank you very much.

  261. Hi Eileen!

    In 1998, you took pictures of me at your house in Coconut Grove and drew me into the background of a painting entitled “After the Ride.” I am interested in obtaining a print. Please let me know if this is possible. I owned four of your other prints and love your work.

    Thank you.

    Lourdes Hall

  262. Hello…I was in the keys and saw a framed picture of sophias rest but I cant seem to locate it. It was in a bamboo type frame and a basket weave matting. Can you give me names of distributors?

  263. Hi,

    A friend of mine gave me a beautiful framed “Seagrape to the Sun”. It has #79 on the back and a brass plate on the front with “Seagrape to the Sun” and your name. I was wondering, for insurance purposes, if it was a significant enough value to add it to my insurance policy. Could you tell me what it is worth.

    Thank you.

  264. I am the proud new owner of “Key Lime Limbo” and see that it appeared on the TV show Burn Notice in 2010. Mine is signed on the artwork itself, not below, and is numbered 2/94. Can you tell me what type of artwork this is, and possibly a current value of the piece?

    By the way, I love your art; much of it reminds me of Key West, one of my favorite vacation spots.

    Thank you,
    Tom Houston
    Inverness, FL

  265. Good Evening, I recently purchased a home in Hollywood Florida and when going through the shed I stumbled upon one of your gorgeous works of art. It is c 1991 and pictures a white gazebo with purple roof in a tropical backdrop. On the back of the frame, there is a sticker from Key West Hotel MBR 13-A. I have no idea if this is a large original, a print, etc. Hoping you may have answers. Also, not idea of the value of a piece like this. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  266. Hi Eileen,
    I purchased a commissioned piece from you in 2009, “Underwater Majesty”. I have since divorced,moved on and wish to find a good home for this piece.

    Do you have any suggestions on resale?

    The painting looks like the day you completed it. I have picture, etc. if you wish me to send them to you. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Linda Lucas-Cohen

  267. I have acquired the water color Enchanted Retreat that I believe you painted in 1989. Can you tell me about the picture and its value. Many thanks.

    Pat Brower

  268. Hello

    I am in possession of one of your paintings (22×30). A photo will be sent also. I inherited the painting from a dear friend who cherished it along with others and it has been hanging on my wall admired by all.

    I did not find information about the painting on your website and would appreciate hearing back from you about the it.

  269. My son has just published his first novel, titled U Got to Have U some Fun, on Amazon as an e-book (launch date is 10/15. You can read all about him and his novel on his web site, I would like to know if you have any prints of the Majesty of the Seas that you did for RCCL and if so, the cost. His book is about a life changing 7 day cruise and I would like to frame your piece as a Christmas gift. I have half a dozen of your small pieces in my own home. Lovely! thank you

  270. I have a piece that you did, but could not find it on your web site. I was hoping you could tell me the name of it.
    I can send you a picture of it, if you don’t mind.


  271. Eileen,
    I have the poster of the Yellow Beach House and now want a giclee but a custom size. I like the image size on the poster which is around 15.5 x 22, excluding Delray Affair, of course. It is for my kitchen and the wall is about 83 in width. The matted and framed piece (done here) would be about 23×30. I would like to order the poster image size unless you have some other suggestion. Thanks, Karen

  272. Good Evening Eileen,
    I bought two of your signed and numbered prints sometime around 1990 from an art shop in Hawaii. “Steele Point” and “The Coral Sea”. I had them framed and they hung on my wall in our living room in Santa Cruz ever since…and we loved them. I’m downsizing and giving away to the “Grey Bears”, a local charity, many of my belongings and such for them to sell in their gift shop. I have no idea what I should tell them they are worth. Do you have any recommendations? They are in excellent condition, kept in a smoke free home and are as bright as the day I bought them.

    Thank you for your time and the prints that kept the ocean in our home just a wall away!

    Mary Jessen

  273. Hello Eileen,
    Love your art work, by any change do you have any shalimar in the shade left? Please let me know. I know you only has 550 made. Thank You and how much it will cost me. Thanks

  274. our friend in Rockledge, FL. would like to communicate with you about art work and your cruise jobs and teaching classes on ship. Her name is Linda Thompson from our home area in WI. She was Dar’s art teacher in high school.
    thank you so much ( in advance )for helping. love and hugs, D & D
    P.S. hope you are well & happy

  275. Hi there,

    Thank you for calling into my radio program today.
    Your work is AWESOME!

    Sending all the good mojo for the contests this week.

    BTW…I think you attending one of the MAGIC (fashion industry) shows in Las Vegas would be an amazing experience for you.


  276. we saw a painting of yours in the office of Eye health care where we go for our check ups would like to get more info on this painting and see if we can buy it or a copy of it. We live in cape coral fl. thank you very much bob and sharon

  277. I enjoy your work. I recently had a flood in my basement and my favorite picture was damaged (cobblestones to the sea – purchased in coconut nut,fl )I need to assign a value to the painting for insurance purposes. I m not able to locate this particular painting anywhere to try to assign a value to. I cant recall what I paid for it. Can you help me out? Thanks…. Mary Cyr

  278. Hello Ms. Seitz,
    I recently purchased a painting signed “1/91 Eileen Seitz” with a C enclosed by a Circle. I was curious what title was associated with the painting. I will gladly send you a photocopy to aid in recognition.
    Tydus Huddleston

  279. I sent an IM on Facebook on 11-6-15 to you to see if you still have a picture I saw on a write up about an art show you had in May. It was a yellow cottage, surrounded by greenery, bright fushia flowers, green matting and a white frame. That picture, as well as all of your work, is just gorgeous! If you still have it, what is the price? And, will you be doing any shows in the Fort Myers/Naples area. Thank you!B

  280. Eileen, I have recently acquired a large 30 x 22 framed print from your 1991 collection. We are putting it into our living room as we really enjoy it and it is now twenty five years old. The only information on your site about this print is in a postcard form. It appears to be a print that you signed as it looks like original ink ,but I could be wrong about that. Could you give us more information and what it has for an estimated value. Thank you for any info you can supply and did you paint it from a view of any particular place here in Florida.4 HPS

  281. Hi Eileen, happy holidays!

    Wondering if you have any shows coming up in January/February 2016. I am interested in a runner and some wall art. I have a nice collection of yours already but always looking for more.
    Thank you,


  282. Number 47 of 325 hand signed lower right in pencil
    Hand written description island bed and breakfast
    Hand numbered in pencil 47 of 325
    This is a rather big piece and I was wondering
    What the value of it is when it was created
    Thank you

  283. I’m following up to a previous email I had sent you. I’m anxious to order the “Beach Umbrellas – limited Edition Giclee, 16×20. I’d like a recommendation as to the matt color I should choose. It’s a bit hard picking it from the small color blocks on the website. I plan to hang it on a yellow wall. The “turf” color looks good, but I was hoping for some input. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  284. Hello, we want to order a couple of prints and wonder is they are signed by you. We have two others that we bought sometime ago in St. Thomas and those are signed. The two we want are: Beach Shack and Saturday after Market. If we order these two, will they be signed by you?

  285. Hi, I found a very cute little picture aprox 4×6″ matted and framed and it has on it, left lower corner Sophias Rest, right lower corner @94 Eileen Seitz. can you give me any info about it? i can’t find it in any of your listings on this page, and I would love to know more, if you don’t mind.

  286. I am so excited you found my name and phone number and called today. I look forward to coming to Coconut Grove to your studio sometime on June 2 when we are visiting my daughter. I am not sure that I have ever met you but have loved your art for many years and I look forward to seeing your expanded line of tropical art items and perhaps even meeting you in person.

  287. It has been so long since I saw you , but I finally have room for another picture. I hope all is well with you. We have moved to Melbourne and bought a business up here. My house is a showcase of your art and people up here always comment on it. I made some room, got rid of some old things, lol. I want to order the Old Salty Cottage from Sanibel, one of my mose treasured places. Will you please sign it for me??? Should I call you with a card number or just order it and you will sign it. So excited to get something new. Thanks, Eileen!!

  288. hello Elieen.I live in fort myers near f m beach in an apartment. Someone moved out and in the trash I saw a broken picture frame but noticed the colors of a picture. I pulled out the print, that had been matted nicely once, but was stained and saw a beautiful watercolor print, a treasure! by your signature it shows a circled c, 90 with your name printed. On the back of the matting a sticker says A1 gallery motel. Is this really authentic? How old? The print wasn’t under glass in fact it looks more like a original watercolor, I can see a few fine drawing lines etc under the color. The colors are much more muted or lighter than what is on the internet some of the colors are different. and the matting is so old, stained on the back and brown paper around edges is disintegrating. There was no glass over it and the picture is somewhat dirty, looks like somebody’s soda sprayed it just a little. Can I wipe it off and how ? If you can respond, I thank you as I’m so very excited about my new treasure and am already a big fan. I want more of your stuff!

  289. Hi Eileen,

    I have recently purchased “Hilltop Houses” 286/550 at a collectibles store here in Vancouver, BC, and I have a few questions.

    It appears to be set in Jamaica. Is that correct?

    Approximately when did you paint it?

    Do these prints fade? If so, I will keep it out of the sun, and put an LED spot on it instead. (It appears to be a bit faded, but I am not sure.)

    Russell Heliker

    PS: It was love at first site.

  290. My boyfriend & I found a painting of yours dated 4/96. If you\’d like I can send you a picture of it. We found it in someone\’s pile of junk waiting to be taken by the DPW. We took it frim the frame. We want to know if it is an original or print and if it is worth restoring.

  291. Hi,
    I am in st.maarten cleaning out my in-laws vacation home. They have passed away. They had one of your prints. PInk Flamingos. It is framed. Your history is on the back of it. I believe they purchased it in 1986.
    ALthough it is signed C (within a circle) 81 Eileen Switzerland.
    Unfortunately, I live in New York….otherwise I would bring some things home.
    Any advise? It was framed in phillipsburg.
    Many thanks,
    Julie Rizzo

  292. Hello Eileen:

    I received the two posters I ordered from you today. Thanks for such prompt service. I also need to order the poster of Key Lime Limbo, and I don’t see it on your site. The reason for ordering these three items is that I sold my home, and the lady who purchased it said that she would buy it with the condition that I leave my art and my my colorful furniture. Reluctantly, we did, and now I am on a mission to replace everything that I let go. I thought I sent this e-mail earlier, but I don’t think I saw the remainder of the page where it had the Antispam code and Send Message.

    I originally purchased the Key Lime Limbo poster from Michael who owns an Art and Frame Shop in the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers. He put a special coating on the poster instead of glass, so when you first look at it, it looks like an oil painting. It is so beautiful.

    Thank you for calling my home to get the correct zip code. I think I placed the order on my smart phone, and my fat fingers missed the correct key.
    My husband said you mentioned perhaps doing the Cape Coral or Coconut Point Mall shows. THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL IF YOU DID!

    I’m sure you don’t remember me, as you talk to so many people vie facebook, text, etc., but I saw an original water color (I’m the one who always calls them oil paintings) on your FB page. You were doing an art show and it was so colorful, Mangos, flowers, and it was in green matting and a white frame. I never did make it to the East coast to one of your shows.

    Love, Love, Love, your work!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Dolores Christensen

  293. good morning, I was wondering if you give one and one summer classes for children. I have a young boy who has been very frustrated and somewhat intimitated by art and I believe that maybe some one and one classes can help him find his creativity and self assurance. Kindly advise.

    you can call me if is best at 786-488-9527

  294. many years ago we bought one of your prints as totalled in the subject, whilst on holiday in Barbados,
    Recently on moving house the print got water damaged. I have checked through your on line gallery and cannot see it listed.
    My wife really likes this print and I wondered whether you have copies available the size with borders is 32″ x 26″ approx.
    If you have, could you please advise cost with shipping to England. Or whether you have a stockist in the UK

    Thank you

  295. Hi Eileen, from Stephan Wolf in Port ST. Lucie, FL…I have 2-Signed WaterColors, by you…1 done in 1991 ” The Gazebo” 1 done in 1994 W/SOPHIA on the small boat…Are these Originals, and what Value do they have currently..? 352-502-0722/ cell #, if needed…I will send them (pics) as an attachment to your Email…Thanks..!!

  296. Good morning,
    I was gifted the above artwork and it has a copyright indication with your signature. I could not find it on your site. Do I have the original? When did you create this work? I really would like to know how to describe this art. It is beautiful I must say. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Bob

  297. Eileen;

    My parents basement recently flooded and my mother lost one of her favorite pieces of yours titled ‘Sunny Day’ and she is heartbroken. Is there any possible way this art is available as a litho or poster or anything?
    She has over two dozen of your pieces, all from visits to the US Virgin Islands.
    I appreciate any response. I also love your artwork.

    Thank you,
    David Hauslein

  298. Hello,
    I met you at the Islander art show. My name is I was with Annabella Dolan. I’m also a friend of Kathleen Hrad. Actually I had met you before. You lived across the street from Sid and Linda. I was their keys neighbor and stayed with them a couple of times. We visited your house/studio.
    I would like to order both of your puzzles signed to my girlfriend Carolee for Xmas. I only see a signed option on your website to have one puzzle signed.
    Thank you,
    Lora Trinchero

  299. Hi. I have a gift store in Fort Lauderdale and sell a variety of cards. I purchased some of yours at an art show and think they are beautiful. Do you wholesale?
    If so, do you have a minimum opening order? Also, what is the cost per card? I am looking at the “Pink Orchids on Lotus Pond” and I think my customers would like your cards as much as I do.
    Thank you so much.
    Wanda Irwin, The Yellow Orchid

  300. I saw your peacocks from the Coconut Grove Tour, on line. They are absolutely beautiful!!! I would love to have one…are you doing any other work like this? I have been a fan of your painting since I saw your work displayed on St. John, USVI at Wicker, Wood & Shells (Mongoose Junction) in the late 1980’s.

  301. Hi Eileen,
    I came across your website and saw that you were an artist in residence for Holland America’s Zaandam in 2010. I wanted to inquire about your experience- whether you would recommend such an opportunity and how you were able to obtain such connections in the first place? I’m a photographer and have been thinking about exploring various possibilities of sharing my art with others.
    Thank you!

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  303. Hi Eileen Seitz,

    I just bought this in a consignment shop, the Boston area. I tried to find it on your site… It’s matted with a white mat, with a narrow dark blue band, and
    more white, and framed in light wood. What medium
    is it? When was it done? What’s it’s original purchase price?

    I’m just viewing your art work and reading about you.
    Brava! Brava! Brava!

    Do you ever display your work in New York or Boston?

    Thanks for your anticipated answer at your earliest convenience.

    I look forward to purchasing more of your work.

    On another note, who knows, maybe I too, will have
    a home built that replicate one of your wonderful paintings!


  304. I am interected in either the poster Hammocks Place or Butterfly Beach. I plan to have the poster matted and framed. Can you do that and what will be the size of the poster when framed?

  305. I have a painting of yours that I don’t know the name of. I’ve been trying to find it but no luck. I was wondering if you could tell me what the name is so I know.

  306. Hi Eileen, Thanks for the invite to the show in Estero. Unfortunately , I will be out of town that week. We have 5 of your posters framed in our medical office and frequently are asked about the artist. Here is one visible in a photo. We give inquiring patients your name and advise them of your website but cards or brochures might be better. Can you send some to my office. 5889 Whitfield ave, Sarasota Fl , 34243. Thanks.

  307. Good Morning! Happy and Sunny Sunday to you 🙂
    I’m contacting you on 2 different jobs here for wholesale inquiries – one is for my store, Dive BVI ( – 4 location watersports centers with boutiques attached, and my retail subscription business, The Sunshine Society (
    I picked up a card of yours while on a vacation and it’s so amazing 🙂 I’ve been looking for items like yours for my stores for a while but it was also a perfectly timed find because I’m looking for our feature card for our next box for The Sunshine Society which ships in early December. We highlight a woman each month with a tropical soul for our “share the sunshine” card. This month’s destination feature is Dominica.

  308. Hi Eileen. Please also send me a Giclee–The Mango House at the price of $ my recent order. It was nice talking with you. I was surprised you called. I will certainly have more of a tropical look in my home after I frame these new artworks. I have two bedrooms to decorate, so I will wake up every morning to a peaceful view of your art. Thank you, Peter……………..

  309. Hi Eileen, it was good to see you today. We brought the print home and to our surprise we already had it in our bedroom. I’m hoping we can go back tomorrow and exchange it for something else!

  310. Hi Eileen

    I have just discovered your wonderful art (where have I been?) I found “Living Lotus Waters” and just had to have it. But I have not found any information regarding the print. I will be buying more of your art as it just makes me happy to look at it hanging on the wall in my house. Thank you for your beautiful art.

    I live in Texas near Houston and we do not have the glorious tropical anywhere.

    A new fan,

    Linda Ivey

  311. Hello,

    My name is Frank Evra. I found your profile on the internet. I am interested in purchasing an artwork from you for the decoration of my guest rooms at my new residence in Munich, Germany. Would appreciate if you can send me a direct link or a website that have your recent works or few pictures of the works you have available for sale so that I can make an easy choice of mine. Before placing an order with you, I would like to know if I can pay with a credit card (such as Visa or Master Card)

    I look forward to read back from you.
    Frank Evra

  312. Hi Eileen,

    Hope all is well. I’m writing because I came across an image of a poster that you created for the 1985 Goombay festival in Coconut Grove and I am wondering if you have any prints of that poster available for sale. Please let me know!

    All the best,

  313. Have selected two but see only one place to pick mat color. Do not understand guidance of going to “another” place to select from mat chart. I want 1 matted in Gecko and the other in C… Spice.

    Also, would rather have hand signed prints of both but can’t find nothing that category. Are those pictures the only hand signed prints available @ $25 each?

    706-631-0103 mobile

  314. How fun to find your site. in the 1980s my husband and I saw a mural you did in a hotel on St. Johns or St Thomas. I liked it and they gave me your name and said you lived in Florida. That was before internet so I don’t know how I found you, but you came through Dallas on your way to California and stopped by our house. You subsequently painted a water color for us, which we love and still have among our art collection.
    I remembered your name when I was doing an inventory and noticed that you didn’t sign the painting. Is that your custom? I am in the process of having new glass put on it (a crack in the old one) and noticed no signature.
    From your site, it looks like you still love to travel the tropics and still enjoy your painting. If you do come through Dallas, we’d love to catch up.

  315. Hi,
    I am a friend of Marie and Wayne Pauly and have one of your beautiful framed prints. I am trying to figure out if it is a poster print or gyclee. In the corner is a Circle with a C or G/ 92/ Eileen Seitz. I am unable to tell without taking it out of matting if it is a print of your name or a signature or the type of reproduction. I purchased it many years ago and wasn’t a knowledgeable art connoisseur. Can you give me any advice on figuring out this “mystery”?

  316. Aloha,
    I work at the Habitat West Hawaii ReStore on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of our customers donated 2 framed and signed post card; Coastal Garden and Macaw Playground. They seem to be dated 1990? Can you tell me if they have any value? We would like to sell them but would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

    Becky Romero
    Sales Associate
    Habitat West Hawaii ReStore, Waimea

  317. Hi Eileen,
    I saw one of your prints while I was in Matlacha. I am interested in Bungalows on Sandy Cove. Your website shows $235 for the limited edition giclee (Image 22×30; Surface 25×33). Could this be put on canvas? If so, can I get a similar size and what would be the cost? I am also interested in Healing Waters original watercolor. Could that also be put on canvas? P.S. You are a very talented artist. Thanks.

  318. Dear Eileen,
    I bought a piece of yours title DATURAS’ GARDEN which measures approximately 20″ X 34″. It is absolutely beautiful, as it is a mix of realism and modernism, which is totally my style.

    It is matted and framed, and I don’t know if it is an original or a print.

    It is signed with a copyright “C” and your name, but no limited edition numbers like 2/200.

    I don’t want to dismantle the mounting to see what it says, as it’s so beautifully mounted, matted and framed with golden letters of your name below the piece, cut out of the matte.

    Would you please tell me if it is an original or a print?

  319. I would like to order Bicycles with baskets ($65) and Dreamy Beach ($65). They come with a mat. I would like Clearwater color mats, but there is no place to put it on the order form. Please advise. Thanks!

  320. Hi Chiena, it’s Peter Sutton, I guess you are up in Juno or Jupiter tonite. I hope your accommodations are comfortable. I am hoping to see you Saturday at the show. My cell # is 561.818.8835. Please give me a call.

    LOOking forward to seeing you.


  321. Hi again! Still loving my last prints from a few months ago. I’m planning to order 4 art cards and 2 more many prints. I have two weather worn frames for 8×10 matts but the rabbets on each are too shallow to accommodate the foam core you mount the print onto. Some material up to the thickness of double mattboard would work. Is there something you can use to thin the mounting down? Thanks

    Midgee Hazelrigs

  322. Have poster of mailboxes on a picket fence along the beach. Ocean in the back. Not sure of the date. Late 80 s early 90s. Banyan Festival.
    Poster has faded looking to replace.
    Hope you can help.
    To me it looks like it could be your works.
    Thank you.

  323. Eileen,
    It was really nice to see you today at the Delray Affair. Fun hearing about your art class for the kids. Maybe I will take a couple of drawing classes and then come see you for a one on one. Had a great time talking with you.

    Take Care,

  324. Hi,
    I just picked up a frame poster of yours named White Picket Fence.I haven’t been able to find any info on it. Could you point me in the right direction as far as when or where it was painted?It does have on it 87seitz if that helps.Very pretty piece!

    Chuck Steele

  325. Dreamtime 44/500 sun fest 97 signed. The orchid one on a porch is sunfesr 28/500 signed. Black sand beach 3/150 signed. Sophia 84signed. I have had them matted and framed they are beautiful!!! I’m going to send pictures to your phone Also much smaller but not a mini. Gone for a book 18/150 signed. Thank you for any assistance you can give me Eileen. Donna

  326. Good afternoon! I live in an apartment complex in Fort Myers, Florida, and a tenant was recently evicted, so their belongings were left at the garbage area basically to be thrown away. Well, one of the things that was left was a professionally framed painting by you that after some research I discovered was named “Rainbow Reef.” You signed it and the year 1990. Like I said, it has been professionally framed, and the painting is very pretty, but I know nothing about artwork. I don’t know if it’s a print, or the actual painting itself. Any info you could give me would be great, because it’ll certainly be a conversation starter. I’d be happy to send pictures, as well. Thank you so much for your time. All the best, Joe

  327. Hi Eileen,

    I have come across one of your paintings signed from ’98 that I haven’t been able to find the title of or the story behind it with research. The closest painting that I see on your site that resembles this painting is the 3 Palms of Rincon. It is a lovely piece that caught my eye and I bought it quickly to hang up in my living room.

    It is a water color that is mounted on thick “foam” board and matted, but not currently framed. I’m not 100% sure one way or the other if this is an actual watercolor painting or a poster either and am checking into that as well.

    The picture itself has two palms on the left side with tropical flowers and plants on and across the bottom, with more palms on the right side. The view is facing the beach, with some of the sand showing behind the plants and trees, with waves rolling in. The sky had different hues of pinks, whites, blues and purples in clouds/storm on the horizon over the waves. There is red parrot in the bottom left corner looking out from the green leaves beside the one palm, and the flowers are red, with yellow orchids just right of the left sided palm trees. This painting is large: the actual painting size is approx. 30 x 24.

    I hope this describes your work enough to help you recognize which painting this may be. I would attach a picture if I could, but I don’t find the option with this messaging.

    Thank you for any assistance you can help me with this. I appreciate this beautiful piece, and would love to have any information behind the work.

    Best regards,
    Milbrie Porter

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