Is The Spirit Of Art Lost looking At Flashing Screens?

Is The Spirit Of Art Lost looking At Flashing Screens?
by Ashley Sewell August 16, 2019

Art and the Spirit
Today, artists lead the way as free-thinking visionaries. They are inspired and driven to create with incredible energy of expression which many artists call ”spiritual inspiration.” Art comes out of inspiration and spirituality is closely related; no matter how each of us defines spirituality. 

One of Seven North Art’s featured artist Eileen Seitz, certainly agrees that art is spiritual; and she is one of the most accomplished watercolor artists in the world. In an exclusive interview with Eileen Seitz, the artist and I discussed the spiritual world and art. 

 I am clairaudient. Art is spirit speaking to me and I have dreams and visions that show me sharing my art with the world “…Eileen Seitz

 Eileen Seitz, is a celebrated Artist, has been painting for over 50 years. Seitz won the 1st place award for painting at her very first show up against many of the top artist in the highly competitive ‘New York City Art Festival’, in Manhattan. In that moment a powerful feeling came over her she did not understand, but she knew she would to be an artist for life. Even at that young age art became her full time job. Eileen Seitz has been in the art world for over 50 years, and Boy has she been busy! 

Butterfly Beach
Butterfly Beach Oil On Canvas 36″ x 54″

This print, ‘Mangoes Galore’ was the featured Poster for South Miami Art Festival. For more art by Seitz, click the image. 

966-Mangoes Galore
966-Mangoes Galore

Her works can be seen in the 1991 Meg Ryan fantasy film ‘Prelude to a Kiss’, the 1998 TV show the ‘Love Boat’, in a Children’s book, at resorts and cruise ships, and here at Seven North Art.  She has won many prestigious awards during her long career and in many places around the world.

                 For more art by Eileen Seitz, click the image 

Thanks to her spiritual connection she feels extremely blessed that it allows her to see nature’s beauty in a way that paintings flows through her onto the Canvas and watercolor paper.

As an artist she has a strong sense of who she is, and has been comfortable with her spiritual side ever since she was a child. Eileen Seitz has traveled all over the world to create her works. While on one of her trips on a year long sabbatical from school in St Thomas, she encountered a thunderstorm that changed her life forever, and she made her commitment, connection, and understood her place with mother nature and divine. 

During my first phone conversation with the busy Artist, her first words when she picked up was ‘’I knew it was you!”

“My inner voice and higher self is strong yet subtle. I translate these ‘’Feelings” onto canvas or paper. Using pen to draw and paint to mix my harmonic colors,  I bring the viewer to a new place of their own beauty and harmony. The gifts the wisdom, knowledge, beauty, peace, understanding pass through my hand and manifest as paintings. I LIFT people’s spirit.” 

Marjorys Hideaway Coconut Grove
Marjorys Hideaway Coconut Grove

                    For more art by Eileen Seitz, click the image

During the interview, Eileen discussed her latest project ‘Painting Through the Chakras.’ You might be saying “What in the world is a chakra?” The chakras are energy points in the body. They correspond with our physical body, our organs and endocrine glands, but they also correspond to our emotions and our intuitive selves. “On the spiritual plane, Chakras open us up. When they become blocked, psychological, physical and spiritual needs suffer,” Seitz said. The seven chakra centers: The rootchakra, sacral chakra, solar chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra, all serve as parts of our body that help us speak our truth, express our creativity, and feel connected to the world.  

If you are thinking, ‘This is all a little too ‘’woo-woo” for me’,  let me ask you this: Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Chiropractor’s will tell you that the brain and spine act together like a sounding board. When one part of your back is out of line, it interrupts the messages from your brain to your organs and hormones resulting in pain (treat pain with ), and sometimes, illness. Your stomach might not get the messages your brain is sending to it if a disk is slipped and you might have acid re-flux, stomach aches, or even anxiety. 

Eileen states understanding the chakras and learning about the chakras helped her learn more about herself. “As an artist, I see how my chakras flow my energy to clearly express my joy, my exuberance, my peace, my plenty to my audience. The results are the words my clients speak back to me about my works.This brings spirit great joy for spirit wants us to love our lives.  I assist people to see that they are love too, without prejudice, or judgments.”

So how exactly does one paint through the chakras? By opening up their consciousness, releasing any blocks and allowing creativity to flow through them in a fluid motion.

“Fishing Boats at the Point”


This latest Eileen Seitz painting was created with the sacral chakra after a beautiful day at the beach. For more info, click the image 

“I tend to use all the colors in my paintings and color combinations that are here to ELEVATE people’s consciousness, to open them up to hear all the celestial songs and colors I see and feel. I love the harmonic colors, the pastels of the jewel tones.” Eileen Seitz stated.  

Although Eileen Seitz paints and draws all kinds of subjects, her works have an overall happy mood. In all art, there is an element of emotion. When you look at art, you can feel how the artist felt when they created it. “Some artists paint with anger and contradiction. You can see where they are stuck by the colors they use” Eileen Seitz said

To create this piece, Eileen Seitz says she channeled or allowed messages to come through her from spirit onto the canvas. For more art by Seitz, click the image. 

This beautiful original painting ‘’The Owl and The dove” has a very spiritual message to it, and was created by opening up the third eye or the intuitive self. The owl has been seen all around the world in several stories from Native American to Japanese cultures  as a spiritual bird for thousands of years. Seitz was inspired to create this painting from a dream she had. “There was a dead tree branch with two owls, sitting on it, by my shed, when suddenly, an eagle came to my french door, and was trying to break through the glass.” 

Another spiritual painting from Eileen Seitz is this watercolor, ‘Keepers of the Reef” This painting full of rich detail and color features the rainbow parrot fish.

Can you guess which chakra this painting came from? What moods do you feel when you look at it? For more art by Seitz, click the image. 

 Although Eileen Seitz loves the mystic and metaphysical tools of astrology, numerology, and tarot, she doesn’t have a religious label or identity for herself.

“Religions are only of this world. Using fear to control people, make them believe things, and feel certain ways. Religions categorize people. Separating them from each other, thus separating them from the connecting love that makes us all one. When you are on a spiritual path, your guidance and truth comes from within.” 

No matter what religion you follow, or don’t; it’s clear that art, in all it’s forms and mediums, is out of this world. 

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