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  1. Eileen;

    My parents basement recently flooded and my mother lost one of her favorite pieces of yours titled ‘Sunny Day’ and she is heartbroken. Is there any possible way this art is available as a litho or poster or anything?
    She has over two dozen of your pieces, all from visits to the US Virgin Islands.
    I appreciate any response. I also love your artwork.

    Thank you,
    David Hauslein

  2. Good morning,
    I was gifted the above artwork and it has a copyright indication with your signature. I could not find it on your site. Do I have the original? When did you create this work? I really would like to know how to describe this art. It is beautiful I must say. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Bob

  3. Hi Eileen, from Stephan Wolf in Port ST. Lucie, FL…I have 2-Signed WaterColors, by you…1 done in 1991 ” The Gazebo” 1 done in 1994 W/SOPHIA on the small boat…Are these Originals, and what Value do they have currently..? 352-502-0722/ cell #, if needed…I will send them (pics) as an attachment to your Email…Thanks..!!

  4. many years ago we bought one of your prints as totalled in the subject, whilst on holiday in Barbados,
    Recently on moving house the print got water damaged. I have checked through your on line gallery and cannot see it listed.
    My wife really likes this print and I wondered whether you have copies available the size with borders is 32″ x 26″ approx.
    If you have, could you please advise cost with shipping to England. Or whether you have a stockist in the UK

    Thank you

  5. good morning, I was wondering if you give one and one summer classes for children. I have a young boy who has been very frustrated and somewhat intimitated by art and I believe that maybe some one and one classes can help him find his creativity and self assurance. Kindly advise.

    you can call me if is best at 786-488-9527

  6. Hello Eileen:

    I received the two posters I ordered from you today. Thanks for such prompt service. I also need to order the poster of Key Lime Limbo, and I don’t see it on your site. The reason for ordering these three items is that I sold my home, and the lady who purchased it said that she would buy it with the condition that I leave my art and my my colorful furniture. Reluctantly, we did, and now I am on a mission to replace everything that I let go. I thought I sent this e-mail earlier, but I don’t think I saw the remainder of the page where it had the Antispam code and Send Message.

    I originally purchased the Key Lime Limbo poster from Michael who owns an Art and Frame Shop in the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers. He put a special coating on the poster instead of glass, so when you first look at it, it looks like an oil painting. It is so beautiful.

    Thank you for calling my home to get the correct zip code. I think I placed the order on my smart phone, and my fat fingers missed the correct key.
    My husband said you mentioned perhaps doing the Cape Coral or Coconut Point Mall shows. THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL IF YOU DID!

    I’m sure you don’t remember me, as you talk to so many people vie facebook, text, etc., but I saw an original water color (I’m the one who always calls them oil paintings) on your FB page. You were doing an art show and it was so colorful, Mangos, flowers, and it was in green matting and a white frame. I never did make it to the East coast to one of your shows.

    Love, Love, Love, your work!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Dolores Christensen

  7. Hi,
    I am in st.maarten cleaning out my in-laws vacation home. They have passed away. They had one of your prints. PInk Flamingos. It is framed. Your history is on the back of it. I believe they purchased it in 1986.
    ALthough it is signed C (within a circle) 81 Eileen Switzerland.
    Unfortunately, I live in New York….otherwise I would bring some things home.
    Any advise? It was framed in phillipsburg.
    Many thanks,
    Julie Rizzo

  8. My boyfriend & I found a painting of yours dated 4/96. If you\’d like I can send you a picture of it. We found it in someone\’s pile of junk waiting to be taken by the DPW. We took it frim the frame. We want to know if it is an original or print and if it is worth restoring.

  9. Hi Eileen,

    I have recently purchased “Hilltop Houses” 286/550 at a collectibles store here in Vancouver, BC, and I have a few questions.

    It appears to be set in Jamaica. Is that correct?

    Approximately when did you paint it?

    Do these prints fade? If so, I will keep it out of the sun, and put an LED spot on it instead. (It appears to be a bit faded, but I am not sure.)

    Russell Heliker

    PS: It was love at first site.

  10. hello Elieen.I live in fort myers near f m beach in an apartment. Someone moved out and in the trash I saw a broken picture frame but noticed the colors of a picture. I pulled out the print, that had been matted nicely once, but was stained and saw a beautiful watercolor print, a treasure! by your signature it shows a circled c, 90 with your name printed. On the back of the matting a sticker says A1 gallery motel. Is this really authentic? How old? The print wasn’t under glass in fact it looks more like a original watercolor, I can see a few fine drawing lines etc under the color. The colors are much more muted or lighter than what is on the internet some of the colors are different. and the matting is so old, stained on the back and brown paper around edges is disintegrating. There was no glass over it and the picture is somewhat dirty, looks like somebody’s soda sprayed it just a little. Can I wipe it off and how ? If you can respond, I thank you as I’m so very excited about my new treasure and am already a big fan. I want more of your stuff!

  11. It has been so long since I saw you , but I finally have room for another picture. I hope all is well with you. We have moved to Melbourne and bought a business up here. My house is a showcase of your art and people up here always comment on it. I made some room, got rid of some old things, lol. I want to order the Old Salty Cottage from Sanibel, one of my mose treasured places. Will you please sign it for me??? Should I call you with a card number or just order it and you will sign it. So excited to get something new. Thanks, Eileen!!

  12. I am so excited you found my name and phone number and called today. I look forward to coming to Coconut Grove to your studio sometime on June 2 when we are visiting my daughter. I am not sure that I have ever met you but have loved your art for many years and I look forward to seeing your expanded line of tropical art items and perhaps even meeting you in person.

  13. Hi, I found a very cute little picture aprox 4×6″ matted and framed and it has on it, left lower corner Sophias Rest, right lower corner @94 Eileen Seitz. can you give me any info about it? i can’t find it in any of your listings on this page, and I would love to know more, if you don’t mind.

  14. Hello, we want to order a couple of prints and wonder is they are signed by you. We have two others that we bought sometime ago in St. Thomas and those are signed. The two we want are: Beach Shack and Saturday after Market. If we order these two, will they be signed by you?

  15. I’m following up to a previous email I had sent you. I’m anxious to order the “Beach Umbrellas – limited Edition Giclee, 16×20. I’d like a recommendation as to the matt color I should choose. It’s a bit hard picking it from the small color blocks on the website. I plan to hang it on a yellow wall. The “turf” color looks good, but I was hoping for some input. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  16. Number 47 of 325 hand signed lower right in pencil
    Hand written description island bed and breakfast
    Hand numbered in pencil 47 of 325
    This is a rather big piece and I was wondering
    What the value of it is when it was created
    Thank you

  17. Hi Eileen, happy holidays!

    Wondering if you have any shows coming up in January/February 2016. I am interested in a runner and some wall art. I have a nice collection of yours already but always looking for more.
    Thank you,


  18. Eileen, I have recently acquired a large 30 x 22 framed print from your 1991 collection. We are putting it into our living room as we really enjoy it and it is now twenty five years old. The only information on your site about this print is in a postcard form. It appears to be a print that you signed as it looks like original ink ,but I could be wrong about that. Could you give us more information and what it has for an estimated value. Thank you for any info you can supply and did you paint it from a view of any particular place here in Florida.4 HPS

  19. I sent an IM on Facebook on 11-6-15 to you to see if you still have a picture I saw on a write up about an art show you had in May. It was a yellow cottage, surrounded by greenery, bright fushia flowers, green matting and a white frame. That picture, as well as all of your work, is just gorgeous! If you still have it, what is the price? And, will you be doing any shows in the Fort Myers/Naples area. Thank you!B

  20. Hello Ms. Seitz,
    I recently purchased a painting signed “1/91 Eileen Seitz” with a C enclosed by a Circle. I was curious what title was associated with the painting. I will gladly send you a photocopy to aid in recognition.
    Tydus Huddleston

  21. I enjoy your work. I recently had a flood in my basement and my favorite picture was damaged (cobblestones to the sea – purchased in coconut nut,fl )I need to assign a value to the painting for insurance purposes. I m not able to locate this particular painting anywhere to try to assign a value to. I cant recall what I paid for it. Can you help me out? Thanks…. Mary Cyr

  22. we saw a painting of yours in the office of Eye health care where we go for our check ups would like to get more info on this painting and see if we can buy it or a copy of it. We live in cape coral fl. thank you very much bob and sharon

  23. Hi there,

    Thank you for calling into my radio program today.
    Your work is AWESOME!

    Sending all the good mojo for the contests this week.

    BTW…I think you attending one of the MAGIC (fashion industry) shows in Las Vegas would be an amazing experience for you.


  24. our friend in Rockledge, FL. would like to communicate with you about art work and your cruise jobs and teaching classes on ship. Her name is Linda Thompson from our home area in WI. She was Dar’s art teacher in high school.
    thank you so much ( in advance )for helping. love and hugs, D & D
    P.S. hope you are well & happy

  25. Hello Eileen,
    Love your art work, by any change do you have any shalimar in the shade left? Please let me know. I know you only has 550 made. Thank You and how much it will cost me. Thanks

  26. Good Evening Eileen,
    I bought two of your signed and numbered prints sometime around 1990 from an art shop in Hawaii. “Steele Point” and “The Coral Sea”. I had them framed and they hung on my wall in our living room in Santa Cruz ever since…and we loved them. I’m downsizing and giving away to the “Grey Bears”, a local charity, many of my belongings and such for them to sell in their gift shop. I have no idea what I should tell them they are worth. Do you have any recommendations? They are in excellent condition, kept in a smoke free home and are as bright as the day I bought them.

    Thank you for your time and the prints that kept the ocean in our home just a wall away!

    Mary Jessen

  27. Eileen,
    I have the poster of the Yellow Beach House and now want a giclee but a custom size. I like the image size on the poster which is around 15.5 x 22, excluding Delray Affair, of course. It is for my kitchen and the wall is about 83 in width. The matted and framed piece (done here) would be about 23×30. I would like to order the poster image size unless you have some other suggestion. Thanks, Karen

  28. I have a piece that you did, but could not find it on your web site. I was hoping you could tell me the name of it.
    I can send you a picture of it, if you don’t mind.


  29. My son has just published his first novel, titled U Got to Have U some Fun, on Amazon as an e-book (launch date is 10/15. You can read all about him and his novel on his web site, I would like to know if you have any prints of the Majesty of the Seas that you did for RCCL and if so, the cost. His book is about a life changing 7 day cruise and I would like to frame your piece as a Christmas gift. I have half a dozen of your small pieces in my own home. Lovely! thank you

  30. Hello

    I am in possession of one of your paintings (22×30). A photo will be sent also. I inherited the painting from a dear friend who cherished it along with others and it has been hanging on my wall admired by all.

    I did not find information about the painting on your website and would appreciate hearing back from you about the it.

  31. I have acquired the water color Enchanted Retreat that I believe you painted in 1989. Can you tell me about the picture and its value. Many thanks.

    Pat Brower

  32. Hi Eileen,
    I purchased a commissioned piece from you in 2009, “Underwater Majesty”. I have since divorced,moved on and wish to find a good home for this piece.

    Do you have any suggestions on resale?

    The painting looks like the day you completed it. I have picture, etc. if you wish me to send them to you. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Linda Lucas-Cohen

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