“The colors of my paintings wake up people’s emotions”



Maider Aranguren

Maider Aranguren is a junior majoring in journalism and communication at the University of the Basque Country in Spain who is currently studying at FIU as an exchange student. She has worked as a radio host and is now a content creator for a television program in Spain. She hopes to eventually become a news anchor.

Art Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami -Dade entitled the Music and Art Challenge

During the winter of 2017 into March of -2018  I was hired as MAC’s Art Director, I worked at four Miami-Dade Boys and Girls Clubs locations each with a team of staff and other professionals. I began by introducing 120 elementary and middle school children the techniques of drawing and then watercolor, next guiding them to create and illustrate their stories with paintings that told their stories. The children enjoyed hands-on-experience working with 140 lb. D’arches French watercolor paper and watercolor paints of seven colors personally chosen by me to introduce them to the magic of color. They learned how to mix colors and express their feelings and visions through art. The children were amazing to watch as they discovered these expressions.The children’s paintings and stories were given to a pre-selected panel of judges at Miami’s New World School of the Arts, led by its School of Music Dean, Daniel Andai, Ph.D., for inspiration and judging. As I read the stories aloud, it was as if every word I said would make the colors on the paintings more vibrant and vivid until each story came to life before the judge’s eyes.The panel of judges chose five winning paintings and stories. These winners will be given to a group of student and faculty composers who will create an original musical composition for each. The World Premiere compositions of each of the five winners will commence at the New World Schoolof the Arts School of Music 2018 Graduation Ceremony. Every emerging student artist, their families and friends will be able to enjoy the musical compositions, the paintings and stories that inspired each creation.

Crafts with Crashley interviews Eileen Seitz on YouTube Live

Meet Eileen Seitz live on YouTube with @craftswithcrashley on Sunday 6pm central time!! @craftswithcrashley will interview her about Eileen’s love of art and life. You are in for a treat that’s for sure. Come and ask some questions in the chat!! See you there!!