“Artist in Residence” Oceania Cruise Ship “Marina” 2 Month Journey from Chile to the South Pacific to Australia Painting and Teaching Watercolors

A Wonderful Gift was brought into my life.
I was invited to rejoin and be the “Artist in Residence aboard the Oceania Cruise Line, Luxury Cruise Ship called “Marinafrom Dec 28.2013 0 Feb 23,2014 A midsize ship, with exceptional attributes, for the world traveler.

I will be teaching Watercolors in a wounderful Studio Loft throughout the 2 month cruise, drawing and painting, the wonder of the places of The South Pacific, departing from Santiago Chile.
I will be seeing these islands and ocean for the first time.
I am so so grateful and excited. Stay tuned to see what the next two months brings out into my paintings.

Here is a road map of my journey. Stay tune for the watercolors I will create from my trips..


MOAI facing the sea Easter Island (Rapanui island)
POLYNESIAN WOMEN 16″ x 21″ original watercolor
HEALING WATERS, this is Fakarava French Polynesia

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