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Experience the allure of coastal Mexico through the captivating artistry of Eileen Seitz with ‘Coco Panga,’ an original watercolor painting measuring 18 inches by 24 inches. This remarkable piece of art was created during Eileen’s tenure as the Artist in Residence on Holland America’s Statendam during a 28-day journey. ‘Coco Panga’ transports you to the picturesque shores of Huatulco, Mexico, where your senses will be immersed in the vivid scenes of this charming coastal paradise. Eileen’s artistic brilliance shines as she brings this tranquil scene to life, offering viewers a glimpse of the coastal beauty that captured her imagination. ‘Coco Panga’ is available as hand-signed giclee prints and custom orders to cater to your specific needs. it represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of art that transports the captivating essence of Huatulco directly into your living space. Eileen Seitz welcomes custom orders and inquiries, ensuring that your artistic desires can be fulfilled with the utmost care and expertise. While the original artwork has been sold, ‘Coco Panga’ remains a testament to the exquisite beauty of coastal Mexico. Eileen Seitz invites you to explore the possibilities of bringing this enchanting piece into your art collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Eileen to discuss how she can help you acquire this stunning artwork that captures the essence of Huatulco in every brushstroke.

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