Posters Lizards Land Poster 24″x30″

Lizards Land Poster 24″x30″

COPYRIGHT © Eileen Seitz

‘Lizards Land’ embodies the essence of home and heritage, inviting you to embark on a journey of connection and nostalgia.

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Transport your senses to the lush mountains of Argentina from the 40th floor of a high-rise apartment in Miami, Florida, with ‘Lizards Land,’ an exquisite oil painting by the esteemed artist Eileen Seitz. Measuring a generous 60 inches by 48 inches, this original oil on canvas is a remarkable tribute to the client’s nostalgia for the verdant landscapes of his homeland, juxtaposed against the 360-degree panorama of ocean and sky in Miami. The story behind ‘Lizards Land’ is one of longing, connection, and serendipity. Eileen was approached by a client from Argentina, who sought to recapture the essence of his native mountains and the rich, green vistas that had become an integral part of his identity. Living high above the Miami skyline, the client missed the embrace of those rolling peaks and the evergreen canopy of his homeland. Eileen embarked on a creative endeavor, producing two stunning 5ft x 4ft oil paintings that would serve as a bridge between Miami’s oceanic expanses and the lush landscapes of Argentina. ‘Lizards Land’ emerged as a vivid expression of this profound yearning. Eileen’s artistry breathed life into the canvas, merging the natural beauty of Argentina with the Miami skyline. The painting features an enchanting detail: the appearance of a green lizard. This charming visitor had graced one of Eileen’s own porches, and the symbolism was clear. The lizard sought to become a part of this vibrant artwork, a talisman of connection between two worlds. Although the original artwork has found a delighted owner, ‘Lizards Land’ is not confined to the walls of a single collection. It has been thoughtfully transformed into Posters, enabling a broader audience to savor its beauty and immerse themselves in its captivating narrative. This eloquent artwork is a testament to the universal human experience of yearning for the landscapes of our past, a theme that resonates with anyone who has left their cherished homeland. ‘Lizards Land’ embodies the essence of home and heritage, inviting you to embark on a journey of connection and nostalgia. As a Posters, ‘Lizards Land’ becomes a treasure within your grasp, a unique piece of art that will spark your imagination and kindle the flames of memory and emotion. Don’t miss the opportunity to make ‘Lizards Land’ a cherished part of your art collection.

Printed on acid free paper wit Sunfast inks. I recommend you frame with conservation clear glass to retain the colors from fading.

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