Animal Commissions Gazebo Coast with Dog Original Oil Commissioned 48″x72″

Gazebo Coast with Dog Original Oil Commissioned 48″x72″

COPYRIGHT © Eileen Seitz


Behold ‘Gazebo Coast,’ a captivating masterpiece brought to life by celebrated artist Eileen Seitz. This remarkable artwork, measuring 26 inches by 39 inches, originated from an original commissioned oil painting that once adorned a spacious canvas of 42 inches by 72 inches. Inspired by the tranquil ambiance of a seaside patio in Miami, Florida, this exquisite piece evokes the warmth of terracotta tiles, the allure of comfortable outdoor furniture, and the timeless charm of a beachfront gazebo. Eileen’s artistic vision was further enriched when her clients requested the inclusion of their beloved dog, adding a personal touch to the scene. ‘Gazebo Coast’ is a testament to Eileen’s talent in capturing not just the visual beauty of a moment, but the emotions and stories that lie within. While the original masterpiece has found a new home, ‘Gazebo Coast’ is available as posters, allowing you to bring this idyllic coastal retreat into your own living space. With this option, you can experience the serenity, comfort, and the heartwarming presence of the dog as if you were right there, gazing at the tranquil beach from the gazebo. For art enthusiasts, beach lovers, and those who appreciate the harmonious blend of nature and human comforts, ‘Gazebo Coast’ is an inviting treasure. The gentle sea breeze, the inviting gazebo, and the loyal canine companion create a scene that resonates with a sense of peace and contentment. If you are eager to make ‘Gazebo Coast’ a part of your art collection or wish to explore additional options, such as custom orders, please don’t hesitate to contact Eileen Seitz. Discover the magic of ‘Gazebo Coast’ and make it your own, a testament to the beauty of coastal living and the cherished moments by the sea

Image size 48″ x 72″
Canvas Size 48″ x 72″