Poster Artist: 1988 Banyan Arts Festival, Coconut Grove, FL.

Poster Artist: Banyan Arts Festival, Coconut Grove, FL.


While it’s difficult to think of Art Improving on nature, Fine Artist, Eileen Seitz captures the essential beauty Of  tropical environments through her use of color, image and sense of design. She paints on paper and canvas lush exotic jungles, oceans, wildlife, native peoples, flowers and mountain views and Banyan Trees.  An accomplished Artist whose work reflects her spiritual
vision of living environments Eileen has been named “Coconut Grove Artist of the Year” by winning the 12th Banyan Arts festival poster contest. Seitz “At the Feet of the Banyan”

Selected from fifteen professional entries was unveiled at a Coconut Grove chamber of commerce happening Last month. The Pratt Institute student now lives in Coconut Grove and has called 25 islands home. From Hawaii to the Caribbean.   Strongly influenced by nature her drawings and paintings and water colors often Depict views see through a window or underwater. Seitz’s technique is “visionary” avoiding the preliminary sketches and drawing only once. She utilizes earth colors and pastels to create representations of ocean life Mountain views, flower gardens and natural elements. Her intention is to inspire the viewer to connect with their inner harmony and peace. Imbued with love for art and perseverance, Seitz had devoted full attention
To her career since 1972 in Key west when she joined the Key West Art Association and spent a year drawing Portraits of local residences. Soon hotels and other commercial locations commissioned original work and
In 1982 she created her Art card company to broaden her opportunities.

 She is currently represented in galleries Hotels, corporations, restaurants, bookstores and gift shops in Hawaii, Canada, California, Texas, Florida and
The Caribbean.  In Addition to the Banyan Festival Poster Seitz art was selected as the official poster For the Lowe Art Museums Beaux Arts Festival in 1988 called “Day Lilies”  and the upcoming autumn arts festival in Winter Park at the “Crealde Art School”
Florida. Signed and unsigned posters of her award winning “At the Feet of the Banyan” will be available
At the Banyan Arts Festival, Oct 22-23 1988 – By Doreen LoCicero Festival Director

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