“Artist in Residence”-RCCL Rhapsody of the Seas -Hawaiian Islands across Pacific ocean to Vancouver, B.C.

I was invited to be the guest artist for two weeks on “Rhapsody of the Seas”
We sailed around the Hawaiian Islands and then across the Pacific to Vancouver.
It was a great trip.. met lots of people, sold lots of giclees..
May 11-22, 2013

Here I am with” Fire in the Sky” original watercolor and “Mayan Family” – Original watercolor

Here Mark is auctioning “Ribbons of Light” on the stage

Mark the Auctioneer with “Under the Golden Coconuts”

The Room was packed everyday with the Ships Guests while we sailed one week across the Pacific Ocean.

“Award of Excellence” – The Printing Association of Florida

September 2014

The Printing Association of Florida  announces the winners of their annual print award contest. The winners are in three categories: Best of Category, Award of Excellence, and the Judges Award.

Franklin Dodd Communications, Miami Florida  extends its congratulations to Eileen Seitz of Eileen Seitz Fine Art, Inc. for her artistic rendition of the Radisson Blu Resort, etc.?

Eileen won the Award of Excellence for the Radisson Blu Resort, Marina and Spa, St. Marten note cards.

3 Original Watercolors in “Prelude to a Kiss” film

PLANTATION INN ( Ocho Rios Jamaica)

This 63-room hideaway, styled like an old plantation mansion, was used in the filming of Prelude to a Kiss, starring Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin. The property offers plenty of activities. Rooms have large private balconies.

I was commissioned in 1980 to create 12 original watercolors for the Plantation Inn resort. I lived on Property for 10 months.
After the commission I had my original paintings at the resorts art gallery..

I was watching “Prelude to a Kiss” with Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin and saw my 2 original watercolors on set..
It may me smile with joy to see this.

Award Ceremony for the Mosaic Mural work in Coconut Grove, Fl

Eileen Seitz was awarded a Certificate of Commendation honoring her civic responsibility and wonderful committment to the City of Miami in support of cultural enrichment through outstanding service in the creation of the Coconut Grove Children’s Mosaic Mural.



Coconut Grove Children’s Mosaic – US Post office 33133

Here is an impromptu video, unrehearsed, unplanned put up on You tube you can watch. It was taken at the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce. After you are finished click your back arrow to return to this page. Enjoy
Coconut Grove Childrens Mosaic Mural- US Post Office

Coconut Grove Childrens Mosaic Mural – US Post Office 33133

Coconut Grove Childrens’s Mosaic – US Post office 33133 is proud to show and share the many photographs we have taken from the beginning of this almost 2 year project. Little hands, big hands all involved in this community project called “LAYERS OF LOVE” good-fish The “Layers of Love” watercolor painting is an interpretation incorporating the original artwork of the children in the outreach programs of Coconut Grove Cares/ The Barnyard Center, Shake-a-leg, Miami, and Blue Moon Studio of art as well as other contributing artists. edit-wall US Post Office McDonald Street and Grand Ave.
The 2 walls where the mural will be installed.


Commissioner Marc Sarnoff ( and his Chief-of-Staff, Ron Nelson)
enabled and encourage Cyndy and Eileen to proceed with this project. ron-and-juan Major Conributors, Ron Nelson Juan Carlos Ruiz (who donated the tiles for the mosaic.) 1-19-11 January 2011 and the tiles and thinset, grout have arrived!. Cyndy sits on the mound. Cynthia,-cyndy-me Cyndy, Eileen and Cynthia Shelly sit by the tiles outside of Shake-a-Leg, Miami, holding the blown up patterns made of the childrens original art works. me-with-artwork Eileen with the actual artwork created by the children from Shake-a-Leg, Miami and The Barnyard Center. tile-color-boards Here Cyndy and Eileen began the scoring of mosaic tile which were then made into color boards, by name, color and title. This is what we used to assemble all the elements. chris,-helen,-claudia-cyndy Chris helps Cyndy cut tile Assistants Helen and Claudia cut tile. KIDS Kids from Coconut Grove Elementary Leonard from The Barnyard Center
having a great time painting the patterns. sylvia-and-cyndy Sylvia from The Barnyard Center paints with Cyndy Cyndy pulling tiles mary-and-eileen Eileen and Mary work on the yellow and blue fish… The original pattern – the fished mosaic. large-fish This is the largest fish, spanning 4 feet me-and-fish Eileen sits next to the BIG FISH pink-and-yellow-fish Helen creates the beautful blue anemone Eileen works on the pink and yellow fish pattern-and-fish Here is the blown up pattern Completed fish cyndy-melisssa-daehmeond--e Cyndy teaches Melissa at the Net
Emilio and Daehmun make the sun at The Barnyard Center nancy-julian-and-friend Nancy is happy with her clouds
Julian and friend make the golden star fish brandy Brandy, Qeddrick and Drequan work on the grasses eileen-and-shaun Eileen paints the mangrove, sand and grass.
Shaun our assistant at The Barnyard lays out the life size patterns herman and natalie Herman works on a Jelly fish Fiona works on the clouds measuring-sections-of-tree- Cyndy and I are measuring the tree, grass and sand area to make this into 30″ x 30″ panels. trees-fish Working with Lindas completed fish Cyndy and I added the beginnings of the water, and tree in this panel. The puzzle pieces are coming to life. #2 Cyndy and I sit on the layed out artwork, picking and placing where they best fit, according to the original watercolor I painted using the kids artwork as the inspiration. #8 Stacks of carboard holding the completed elements. Cyndy and I worked from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm just making it right. grid Cyndy laying out a grid for 55 panels. This is how her mind sees things. plastic bags 3 Plastic bags for us to use for each particular panel, will hold the broken tiles so we can complete the water around the elements. picking 2 Here Cyndy and I pull the broken tile per panel.
This is one of the completed panels. Dave and Eileen at the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce

Commission work – Street Scenes Key West Architecture

From 1972 – 1977 I lived in Key West Florida.
I did a great many pen and ink illustrations of the Old Bahamian Wood architecture . People loved the way I drew and in those days I did it all free hand. No pencil and no ruler.. I made my living doing these black and white drawings priced at $20.00 each.