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Saturday Feb 18, 2023   9-6:00 pm
Sunday Feb 19, 2023    9-6:00 pm
Monday Feb 20, 2023    9-6:00 pm
I am on Mcfarlane entrance come see me~

33+ years of Fine Art year across the beautiful tree shaded campus of St. Stephen?s Episcopal Church, located in Coconut Grove, Florida  Artists consistently rate us A+ for artist treatment, artist amenities, facilities and volunteer support.  This long standing, nationally significant show focuses on maintaining, ?Art is in the Heart? as not just a theme but a code of conduct for our staff and volunteers.   Come experience the taste, sound and flavor our 31 year traditional art & music festival.

Artists, musicians and crafters are producing original works of art combining traditional techniques with modern, unconventional styles, contexts and subject matters MakersFest @ St. Stephen’s Art Show. Join us at the Center Stage of the show for our Live, Local, Music from 12pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday, and all weekend long at the Main Highway entrance for our inaugural MakersFest @ St. Stephen’s.

The show has two points of entry. For the fine arts area of St. Stephens Art Show enter from McFarlane Road. For the MakersFest enter from Main Highway.