Eileen Seitz

Laura and Zickie  creators of the
“Islands Runaway”
Caribbean Travel Blog met me at the
South Miami Art Festival.

Zickie took, photos and Laura wrote a fabulous story about me,
my life and my art work.

Please enjoy!

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Cover Artwork – St. Thomas This Week Magazine, St. Thomas Virgin Islands

My original watercolor” Seagrape Dinghies”, was chosen to grace the cover of the Magazine “St. Thomas This Week for St. Thomas and St. John USVI

I am so excited and delighted as I have a strong connection and relationship to St. Thomas since 1972 when I first lived there.

“Award of Excellence” – The Printing Association of Florida

September 2014

The Printing Association of Florida  announces the winners of their annual print award contest. The winners are in three categories: Best of Category, Award of Excellence, and the Judges Award.

Franklin Dodd Communications, Miami Florida  extends its congratulations to Eileen Seitz of Eileen Seitz Fine Art, Inc. for her artistic rendition of the Radisson Blu Resort, etc.”

Eileen won the Award of Excellence for the Radisson Blu Resort, Marina and Spa, St. Marten note cards.

“Artist in Residence” aboard the Oceania Cruise Line, Luxury Cruise Ship called “Marina for 2 months

A Wonderful Gift was brought into my life.
I was invited to be the “Artist in Residence aboard the Oceania Cruise Line, Luxury Cruise Ship called “Marinafrom Sept 2013- November 2013.
A smaller ship, with exceptional attributes, for the world traveler.

I will be teaching Watercolors in a wounderful Studio Loft throughout the 2 month cruise, drawing and painting, the wonder of the places of ancient europe. I will be seeing many for the first time of my life.
I am so so greatful and excited. Stay tuned to see what the next two months brings out into my paintings.

Cultural Connoisseur London to Barcelona

FIRSTLY I am being flown to Southampton England and boarding the ship there where it sails to Brugges, Le Harve, Saint Malo, L’Orient, France to new places I have not yet seen. Then through Bilboa Spain, La Coruna ,Oporto Portugal, Lisbon, Seville, Cadiza and then Barcelona Spain..

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European Charms Barcelona to Rome

Leaving Barcelona, we go to France, Marseille, Cannes, Monte Carlos,then to Italy, Cinque Terre ( My favorite from photos) Florence, Pisa, Tuscany, then to Amafalia Coast, Sorrento, Capri, and to Rome..
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Italian Escapade Rome to Venice

Then Rome, to Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, then to Sorento, Capri, to the Island of Taomorina, then over to Corfu Greece, Kotor Greece and Dobrovnik Greece , then land in Venice for two days……

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Glorious Shores Venice to Barcelona

I will be joined by my good friend and together will again go through Kotor, Corfu, Taormina, Sorrento Capri, Rome, Tuscany, Pisa/Florence, Monte Carlos, Marseille and Barcelona.

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The final Mediterranean cruise will be

Treasures of the Ancients Barcelona to Barcelona

First Stop, Valencia, the Palmas Island of Mallorca, Trapani, Palermo, Rome, Florence, Pisa,Tuscany, Monte Carlo, Marseille, and Barcelona

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“Reflections In Venice”
22″ x 30″ watercolor
Copyright 12/2013 Eileen Seitz

Teaching Watercolor Class

A friend of mine brought his two young sons to my studio, one is 6 years old the other just turned 9. I sat with them and gave them a class on drawing and then working with watercolors on 140lb d’arches..

They were so patient, attentive and focused…

Here is the process and the result.

Ps I did help the older one with the drawing of a few of the orchid leaves, but he did all the other drawing and painting.

The young one did all the drawing , composition of the orchid flowers and leaves. I helped him with drawing the “pot” but he did all the painting himself. He was craving to work with a big brush. I left him in my studio for the last 45 minutes and when he came to see us he revealed his work..

Fantastic,, both of these boys are highly creative..

Cover – Community Newspaper- South Miami

southmiamnewspaper ARTICLE no words 


To find out more about the Art Festival go towww.southmiamiartfest.org

28th Annual South Miami Rotary Art Festival

Saturday Feb 25th 10:00 am  – 6:00 pm
Sunday   Feb 26th  10:00 am – 6:00 pm

My Booth is #29

Hope to see you .

World traveler and local painter Eileen Seitz has been a regular at the South Miami Art Festival for 12 years. “I was born in Manhattan in the concrete jungle. When I began
Traveling and experiencing the bright colors of the tropics while surfing in the Virgin Islands I decided to make Florida my home. I feel I am giving back to people the spirit of living through drawing and painting to remind them of a simple way of life. I am Blessed to be able to capture the harmonious beauty of the sunlit tropical colors that surround us
everywhere.” The Multi-dimensional appearing painting “Peacocks in Paradise” is exuberantly colored in bright pinks, yellows and blues with smiling Hibiscus throughout the landscape and two peacocks almost hiding behind the flowers
while the sea beckons in the background.

The Giclee (or fine art print, original is sold) of “Side by Side” is a simple wooden dock image from Camden, Maine with colorful canoes resting alongside each otherin a tranquil sapphire bay at sunset.

The 28th Annual South Miami Rotary Art Festival is open from 10am to 6pm February 25 and 26 on Sunset Drive between US1 and Red Road. In addition to hundreds of artists

from around the country exhibiting, there will be a children’s alley on SW 57 Court, a multinational food court, live music, not for profit association tabling, raffle tickets and

beer and soda sales to benefit Rotary’s charities.

For more information about the festival visit southmiamiartfest.org.

To find out about Rotary, visit the Rotary booth in front of headquarters on the festival site.

Award Ceremony for the Mosaic Mural work in Coconut Grove, Fl

Eileen Seitz was awarded a Certificate of Commendation honoring her civic responsibility and wonderful committment to the City of Miami in support of cultural enrichment through outstanding service in the creation of the Coconut Grove Children’s Mosaic Mural.





Sea Turtle Oversight Protection www.SeaTurtleOP.org,  commissioned Eileen Seitz to paint this magnificent night scene of a turtle returning to sea.

6″ x 9″ Postcards were printed and placed into the hotel bedrooms along Broward County’s Beaches to guide and ask the guests to close the blinds at night before they leave the room.

STOP is a sea turtle conservation organization that is dedicated to the scientific and educational aspects of the human impacts to sea turtles on Broward County’s beaches, nationally and internationally.

Our primary directive is to humanly rescue the hatchlings from injury and death caused by
disorientation due to artificial illumination of the nesting habitat.
The science is obtained from our collection of data through real time observation and FWC
approved night vision cameras filming the nightly hatch outs and disorientation events of
endangered and threatened sea turtle hatchlings.

This data is compiled, organized, updated and available to the public via our website.
The data pool is the most extensive and accurate disorientation database in the state
of Florida to date operated by a private nonprofit.