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Art Terms

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Original Paintings:

 Original Paintings are the actual works of art I have created by hand. I use the finest watercolors and oil paints for my work and sell them both unframed and framed. I frame my original watercolors with acid free mats linen hinged tape to acid free foam core and  tru-vue conservation clear 97% UV protected glass or UV Museum Glass which has 99% reflection free properties. I have created many paintings for clients, called “commission works of art”.  If you are interested in having me paint something unique for you,  just “contact me”  eileen@eileenseitz.com or call me at  ph: 305-443-1416.

Limited Editions – Giclee Print (on paper or canvas): 

The Giclee process is a French word meaning “spraying on of ink”. Using the latest technology of, digital imaging, digital color management + digital printing. A high-resolution reproduction of the original painting with no visible dot gain is produced. color accuracy, brilliance and attention to fine detail make my limited edition giclee prints collectibles. My Giclees are printed on both acid free paper + acid free waterproof canvas, with archival indelible pigments, that hold a shelf life of over 75 years. The quality and beauty that comes to life in these Giclees on canvas and paper, has people wondering if they are the original paintings.  Each giclee is numbered and signed, BELOW the image, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the limit of the edition.

Limited Editions – Offset Lithograph: 

These prints I hand sign, number and title in pencil below the image. The printing process is the same as used for Posters, except the artist/publisher decides at what number of prints to stop the press, LIMITING THE EDITION. The paper I have selected for these prints is different than the paper used for the posters, however, it is acid free and the inks are sun fade resistant.

Limited Edition – Serigraphy  (silkscreen): 

I have created one 36 color Fine Art Limited Edition Serigraph of 325 prints. I worked on the screens and mixed the inks for this Fine Art Edition. This is a silkscreen process, using 36 different screens. Each screen represents one color and is cut individually. It is not a dot process, but actual pigments that are squeegee through the silk. Each color is laid on, one at time, for the entire edition; until dry and then the second color is laid on. The process is long and time consuming, often up to 8 weeks, depending on how many colors are used. On each serigraph print, the face of the cat I personally hand drew in . There is a 2″ white border surrounding the image on all four sides. There is a 2″ white border surrounding the image on all 4 sides. Each Serigraph is hand signed titled and numbered below the image, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the limit of the edition.

Posters – Open Editions Offset Lithography: 

Posters are produced when individual sheets of paper roll over 4 different metal cylinders (drum). Each drum is used for printing one of 4 colors. Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black.The paper rolls over drums in succession; each color is gained in a dot process creating the final image. This is called a 4-color offset lithographic process. Offset lithography is fast and is used when the artist or publisher wants to create a large quantity of prints at the same time. Posters are inexpensive, beautiful prints and economically affordable to most people. Many posters have text printed on them “posting an announcement, artist, or event.  My posters are printed with sun fade resistant soy-based inks and are printed on acid free paper. Some of my most popular poster images have had editions of up to 17,000 prints. Even though the paper is acid free and the inks are sun fade resistant,  I still suggest to frame my artwork with acid free mats and conservation clear glass (97% uv protection) Many clients have hung their prints in incorrect lighting and have contacted me to purchase a replacement. Unfortunately they find out it has been discontinued. So its better to plan ahead, and get UV glass if you love a poster print.

Signed Prints – Offset Lithography: 

Hand signed prints, are of images different than the posters, limited editions and Giclees found on my website. These prints are only offered in the smaller sizes listed on my website. The printing process is the same as the offset Limited Editions and the open edition Posters.