The Coconut Grove Peacock Tour  was launched and all the finished peacocks were splendidly displayed out along the Promenade by the Shoppes of Mayfair. These photos were shot at the beginning of the first hour but the party had not quite yet started.. It was packed. Just about everyone was there.

Heather Bettner  came up with the idea of the
was Born in Coconut Grove, FL.


“Majestic Peacock” my 1st peacock sponsored by Milam’s Market, Coconut Grove

launch party 12




“Queen Of Coconut Grove“  my 2nd peacock . I was fortunate to have had a second sponsor Pat Sessions and Family for the benefit of the Village Council  inspired my vision for this imagery. He  asked me to paint  Main Hwy,  the historic  playhouse, Charles Street where the first Bahamian villagers settled in the late 1800′s , Greenstreets restaurant, Commodore Plaza down to the Post office and LuLus restaurant on the far right corner. Grovites who live here love Coconut Grove. We live outdoors and bicycle, sail and stroll our neighborhoods.. So putting the local “Peacocks” in town amongst the gardens that grow profusely here  is my way of showing how much many of  love Coconut Grove. 


Backside of  QUEENIE
“PEACOCK PARK the way it used to be


Pat Sessions Family ( my sponsor) - to the Benefit of the Village Council

launch party 14


















Erica King -Coconut Grove, Artist  – Golden Celebration Peacock is a collage of the local smiling faces of
people who have made Coconut Grove what it is.

Erica Kings Peacock

Fred Hunt -Coconut Grove artist on left ,  Meme Ferre red peacock on right

launch party 6

  St. Stephens peacock on the left and  Dan  Bondorffs peacock on the right.

launch party 5

 Dan Bondorrf, Silvia and  Lebos  and Georges  peacockslaunch party 3

 Emilio Sauma also one of the Peacock Artists with me in my handpainted handmade Sexy pink Heliconias dress.


Meme Ferre Artist standing by her peacock.


Little Girl was loving Miss Queenie

launch party 15

 Monty Trainer  of Coconut Grove,
Tom Falco in back